Weekly Newsletter: 3-28-21

It’s newsletter time!

Do you know how trout actually strike their prey (and your lures)?

Do you know the best ways to catch redfish in the spring?

And are you accidentally making the most common topwater rigging mistakes?

See these tips in this week’s newsletter, plus:

  • A review of Daiwa’s newest spinning reel (this is the future of spinning reels!)
  • Where, when, and how to catch spring inshore slams
  • Proof that snook are moving more north than we thought they did
  • The biggest shrimp rigging mistakes (and why they cause anglers to get skunked)
  • 2 secrets to catching fish during slack tide

Check out these tips and more in the newsletter below!

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You’ve Got To See This Amazing Underwater Trout Attack Footage!

Want to know how seatrout really strike lures? This underwater footage shows how they approach and hit lures, and why it's so important to...
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Looking for a higher-end, smooth, light, powerful inshore reel? Then you're going to love the new Daiwa BG MQ 2500. See the pros and cons...
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Topwater Rigging Mistakes To AVOID If You Don’t Want To Get Skunked

If you want to catch more fish on topwater, don't make these mistakes! From using the wrong hooks to tying the wrong knot, these mistakes...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [March 26th – 28th]

This lesson will show you the key things to look for in finding good feeding zones along with the best time to fish this Full moon weekend.
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Mosquito Lagoon Seagrass Crisis (Before & After Pictures)

This is outrageous! The seagrass is being decimated and it's only getting worse. See these before and after pictures and learn what...
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This Is How To Catch Fish During Slack Tide (2 Tips)

Want to catch more fish during slack tide? Just because the tide isn't moving doesn't mean there's no current. Look for windy points and...
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Spring Tactics For Redfish Pt. 2 : Fishing During Fronts [Insider Report]

Tune in for Part 2 of "Spring Tactics for Redfish", where I'll cover adjusting to fishing during a cold front for big reds and trout!
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Spring Slams: Where, When, & How To Catch Inshore Slams This Spring

Want to catch more inshore slams this spring? See when, where, and how to catch them, plus why spring is such a good time for overslot...
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The Power Prawn Is Back In Stock! (And Now With More Options)

Great news — the Power Prawn is back in stock! And now you can get the Power Prawn and Power Prawn jig head separately.
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Top 3 Shrimp Rigging Mistakes (You’re Probably Making)

Are you making this deadly mistakes when fishing with shrimp? If you want to catch more fish with live shrimp, then don't rig them in the...
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Snook Tagging: Proof That Snook Are On The Move North!

Want to know where snook go in the winter? And how far north they now live? Get the inside scoop from an Estuarine Ecologist and learn...
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Using the Tide and Wind To Pick Prime Spring Feeding Zones (San Luis Pass, TX – Spot Dissection)

In this Spot Dissection Lesson out of we will be using our knowledge of tides and wind to pick the best shorelines and points to...
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How To Catch More Fish On Tough Days [Insider Report – Map Analysis + On The Water Footage]

There are some common mistakes that occur when you can’t seem to dial in a pattern and the fishing is tough. In this report, I...
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Inner Circle Live Q&A 3-25-21 [Fishing From Shore]

We had a great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log: 0:00:50 – Ballyhoo net 0:03:15 – Google...
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Finding Structure Using a Depth Finder for Nearshore and Offshore Fishing

Its fish finder time! If you are looking for areas to fish nearshore and/or offshore, being able to identify different types of bottom can be...
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