Mosquito Lagoon Seagrass Crisis (Before & After Pictures)


Isn’t the picture above alarming?

The seagrass has been decimated so quickly!

What was once one of the best places in the world for big redfish and trout is quickly becoming a muddy wasteland…

Watch the video below to see why this is happening and what some of the effects are.

Mosquito Lagoon Seagrass Crisis [VIDEO]

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This is crazy!

Please share this with your fishing buddies so we can come together as a community and put a stop to this!

Tight lines!

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Art Heiter
5 months ago

And that’s the northern section of the lagoon. The water quality south of US 192 down through the Grant area is even worse. It’s beyond pathetic.

George Layton
5 months ago

There have been & there are continued efforts to assist in the effort to restore the Lagoon yet, the Brevard County Commission, Florida State officials, developers, & Real Estate firms couldn’t care less at this time & little change is in the forecast. The County commission has asked for suggestions in the past but, they do nothing. Suggestions for xeriscaping in the near vicinity of the waters, clean up of septic systems( also addressed to state & federal govt), use of environmentally friendly pesticides, fungicides, & fertilizers, to them, are basically put in the circular file !!! ( Developer $$$$ speak LOUDLY !!! ) Millions of dollars have been lost in the area because of pollution & the “Fishing Capital of the World” has become a ” Fishing Wasteland of the U.S.A. ” I believe it will require a Florida constitutional amendment & a HUGE amount of volunteers & money to get things somewhat, back on track. Until then, the Lagoon & East Coast waterways of Florida will continue to die a slow & agonizing death !

Bill Trudell
5 months ago

I’m sorry, I have to call it as it is. OUR POLITICIANS ARE FAILING US MISERABLY. Everyone knows that across Florida sewage is flowing into our lakes, rivers, and salt water. Also runoff from fertilizer, lawn chemicals, and other flow into our lakes, rivers, and salt water. Our beautiful lakes are full of slime, especially Lake Okeechobee and everyone, EVERYONE knows the sugar companies continue to pump fertilizer into Lake O. Senator Scott, Senator Rubio, and Governor DeSantis are simply not doing enough. I have pulled into coves on lakes where I used to catch bass to find nothing but green slime and armored catfish. Because of red tide, I barely catch fish in Sarasota bay in places I used to catch all kinds. All the politicians do is talk, talk, talk, and our waters, our beautiful waters are slowly slipping away. What on God’s green earth is happening to America.

Gerard Costello
5 months ago
Reply to  Bill Trudell

It is much easier to effect change from the ground up , local and state officials , not go after the federal one . It’s easier to reach them and the ability to affect their constituents is more direct . The important thing is to get something started.

Brandon Griffin
5 months ago

The lagoon holds such a special place in my heart growing up fishing on it and seeing it continue to decline year by year is disgusting. I go there now and it’s a wet desert. I can only hope I’ll get to see that place again like it once was “the redfish capital of the world”

Last edited 5 months ago by Brandon Griffin
Bryan Bonacci
5 months ago

I’ve heard of a bunch of reasons why the grass is gone. Mostly because of how poor the water quality is. Since all the clams were over fished the natural filters are gone. But also I heard since manatees are growing in number all they do is eat the grass. And the mild winters we have had they really don’t leave the lagoon or Indian River. I don’t think the manatees are the problem but they don’t help. Hope those super clams start to take hold and at least clean up some.

Peter Ciarametaro
5 months ago

This is very sad, I’m a new member, glad that these issues arise, I had no idea that the ecosystem there is that weak.

David Caldwell
5 months ago

Politicians all talk, say we are going to fix it. Get everybody fired up, than that’s it.

Vincent Russo
5 months ago

Don’t quote me on this but I heard it was some things to do with the Obama administration and some laws and regulations that they think may have caused this has anyone else heard or read anything about that

5 months ago
Reply to  Vincent Russo

It’s all the pro development crowd and it’s the Republicans who are pro growth.

Thomas Marks
5 months ago
Reply to  Tony

Growth is okay if done properly. Adequate domestic and commercial sewage infrastructure. There must be sufficient shoreline buffer zones to prevent runoff from developed properties it needs to be a minimum of 100 feet. Parking lots should have permeable pavement. Storm drains should run into manmade marsh areas to allow plants to filter the water naturally. Identify non-point pollution sources. Eliminate sewage overflow (some municipal systems are designed to overflow during heavy rains). Eliminate residential septic systems. Restrict the use of fertilizers and herbicides. Blaming one political party or another for a pro growth policy doesn’t solve any of these problems because both have advocated for growth. If you look at this administrations infrastructure bill there is nothing to address many of these problems and all could be called infrastructure. Everyone, regardless of party affiliation needs to address these problems and fix them ASAP.

John Knuckles
5 months ago
Reply to  Tony

Trump wasn’t in office in 2013 but Joe Biden was. The last time I checked, congress approves these moves.

Steve Johnson
5 months ago

I fished the Lagoon back in the 70’s when I was growing up. I never have grown up but that’s a different story all together. While I agree with the nutrient run off issue to an extent, there’s another possible reason for this and/or another contributing factor. That’s the Sea Cows. Like land cows, they eat grass. I’m told one adult sea cow can consume approximately 100 pounds of grass a day. Whether it be 1 acre or 50,000 acres, that land maybe beautiful and overflow with an abundance of grass, but if you put to many cows in that pasture, regardless of the size of the pasture and condition it’s in, it will soon be over grazed. Going back and looking at the growth of the sea cow population since say 1975 and the topographical survey photos may suggest I have a point. Those of us that were born and raised here concur in this theory anyhow.

Barney Dillard
4 months ago

Common sense says a big box culvert under road…..just south of cucumber island…would allow fresh ocean water in lagoon to help flush it out…..old timers tell me that natural cuts used to open up pretty regularly but not since government took over and built up road on that side…..maybe Salt Strong could get behind it…..

john myers
1 month ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

I’ve been saying this for years
No one listens . They say there will be sediment problems. I say , not if designed properly.
It could be be done without pumps or sediment problems using natural flow that only floods at high tide.
So simple they can’t see it.

Barney Dillard
4 months ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

I think they have talked about some type of structure they could control……basically what the old natural cuts did ….open up and then close…..just have to get them to “Do”…..not just talk….thanks


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