Weekly Newsletter: 3-30-24

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Mono vs. Fluoro [We Finally Settled The Debate!]

Can this ONE video change the leader line you buy for the rest of your life?! We love testing things to see what’s true and...
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Replicating Fall Tactics In The Spring To Find More Fish [Insider Report]

Spring and Fall can be very similar when it comes to weather and patterns for inshore fishing. On this trip I revisited an area that...
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Quick Tactics To Catch Tons Of Fish On Lures (When Tides Are Off)

Insider Member Jason Blanton was struggling to get results with lures in his home waters, so I had him join me on a quick morning...
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LIVE Insider Q&A [March 28th]

LIVE Q&A’s with the Salt Strong Coaches are BACK! We’re here to answer all those burning questions before you hit the water this weekend. It’s...
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The Ultimate Fishing App Manual (that everyone is talking about)

This is the ULTIMATE Fishing App Manual! Holy smokes! One of our Insider members (Phillip Hilgert) put together the ultimate guided...
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Innovative Tool To Effortlessly Add Rattles To Your Lures

Want to effortlessly add rattles to your lures? Sometimes you need that little bit of extra sound to spark a bite. I sure needed it on...
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Underwater Mysteries: Journey Below The Bridge For Unreal Views!

Don't miss these underwater views! So much life is starting to show up below the bridges! I dropped a camera down beneath a bridge...
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5 Beginner Inshore Fishing Myths Debunked

Here’s 5 of the most common inshore fishing myths DEBUNKED! Are you just starting your inshore saltwater fishing journey? There’s a lot of inaccurate information...
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Regional Weekend Game Plan Lesson [March 29-31]

We’re THRILLED to bring you this week’s edition of Regional Weekend Game Plans!! Below are links to the Regional Weekend Game Plan Lessons tailored to...
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Surf Fishing In The Spring [Beach Lessons With Capt. B]

I'm back with Capt. B for surf fishing in the spring! We're in the early days of spring and on the hunt for some pompano. Check out the...
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