Innovative Tool To Effortlessly Add Rattles To Your Lures

Want to effortlessly add rattles to your lures?

Sometimes you need that little bit of extra sound to spark a bite.

I sure needed it on my last trip out.

Check out how easy it was to add rattles to my lures with this NEW device!

Effortlessly Add Rattles To Your Lures [VIDEO]

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I was recently fishing a tournament in Jacksonville, Florida in super muddy water.

I needed to make something happen if I wanted to place near the top.

The Z-Man Rattle-Snaker tool allowed me to effortlessly add rattles to lures so I could get the strikes I needed.

It is a simple tool used to insert rattles in soft plastic lures.

Before putting the needlepoint of the tool in the lure, establish where the hook will be in the lure.

Steer clear of that area.

Insert the Rattle-Snaker tool into the lure and twist off the back end of the tool.

Take a Battle Rattle and place that inside the chute on the front-end piece of the tool that is still inside the lure.

Then, slide the end of the Rattle-Snaker back into place pushing the rattle into the lure.

Use your thumb to carefully slide the tool out of the lure leaving the rattle in place.

Stretch the lure out a bit and you’ll lock the rattle into place.

The same concept will apply no matter the soft plastic lure you are using.

Find areas of the lure that won’t interfere with the hook but also have enough plastic to secure the rattle.


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Steven Free
22 days ago

Oh yea I remember when they first came out a few months back amd ordered 2 of them from there website this was before I knew saltstrong carried them in there tackle shop but I did a post about them in how awesome they work in fact I was surprised that I could even put rattles in gulp baits?!! As well as other plastic baits even zman or chasebaits lures a rattle can easily be inserted and the great thing about it is they NEVER come out unless you physically cut them out before tge rattle snaker I used to loose rattles all the time that would work themselves out I could never seemed to be able to put one in and it stays but now no problem great tool and around here jacksonville fl where I live and fish our mostly yar round murky water if your not using a rattle your not going to get the strikes as much as someone who is using them and about 95 percent of the time fishing im using a bait with rattles only in the dead of winter when the fish are really spooky do I not use rattles I see you now know what I’m talking about considering you fished a tournament here in jacksonville yea our waters here are totally different tgen the rest of florida so people that live and fish in other areas of florida don’t seem to understand when I tell them about the water clarity here thanks for the info and all you do😀👍

Mark R Johnson
22 days ago

Have you tried the Procure bait injector yet? .The cap with the needle doesn’t fit the Dr. Juice bottle, but you can fill the bottle with the Dr. Juice and replace the cap.

Minister Brian Bordley
23 days ago

Appreciate the video Matt, think it could also double as a fish vent tool just run some alcohol through it. Always need a multitasking tool. I have enough kitchen sink tools an a trip.

Need a video to thin out the lures on a multispecies nearshore trip

robert brombach
23 days ago

Matt, I’ve been using this tool for the past month! Pretty much use it all my tails! The rattles work, been using them for a very long time, but has always been difficult to insert! This tool makes it so easy! Thanks for showing everyone!

francisco salazar
23 days ago

Great advice, Matt. I would suggest adding a drop of superglue to the hole in the soft plastic after inserting the rattle to prevent the rattle from falling out.

Marc Rainville
23 days ago

Thanks for the video Matt. That will definitely make for easier rattle insertions.

Scott Morrison
23 days ago

This is a great tool!! It really makes inserting rattles into soft plastics easy peasy!!
Works with Zman and Salt Strong rattles.

Scott Morrison
23 days ago
Reply to  Scott Morrison

Thanks for the tips Matt…I did pick up on some things I didn’t do!

Steven Free
21 days ago
Reply to  Scott Morrison

Really? I tried to use it with saltstrong battle rattles and they were to big! So I just bought more of the zman rattles which were about the same price🤔


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