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Common Mistakes When Fishing With Z-Man Kicker CrabZ

I've noticed anglers making the same common mistakes when fishing with Z-Man Kicker CrabZ. Lately, this lure has been a weapon...
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Pre-Trip Planning Mini-Lesson [Ins & Outs Of Planning An Inshore Trip]

This video is all about how to put together an effective pre-trip plan to maximize your time out on the water. We’re going to break...
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Introducing The Skinny Lipper: Perfect Blend Of Topwater & Jerk Bait

We are SO EXCITED to introduce the NEW Skinny Lipper lure! This is the perfect blend between a topwater lure and a jerk bait...
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How To Cast With Maximum Efficiency To Catch More Fish

Are you struggling to cast with maximum efficiency? Or are you not catching as many fish as you deserve? Getting your lures or bait...
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Finding Big Trout In Late Spring [Insider Report]

The big trout are definitely starting to show up! Location and on-the-water assessment are key when targeting these fish. Bait activity and water depth are...
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Regional Weekend Game Plan Lesson [June 2-4]

We’re THRILLED to bring you this week’s edition of Regional Weekend Game Plans!! Below are Regional Weekend Game Plan Lessons tailored to the conditions and...
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What’s More Important Than Having The Right Lure? [Insider Report]

Sometimes we put too much emphasis on the wrong thing or we put the matter of importance in the wrong order. In fishing, this is...
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This New Lure Is Proving To Generate Strikes In The Shallows

This new lure is proving to get catch the interest of fish (and birds) as this latest report shows. I was fishing a small island...
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Finding Fluke In The Back-Country [Insider Report]

The fluke (summer flounder) season has been hit or miss so far in 2023. The fish are here, but the bite in southern New Jersey...
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Hoss Helix Hooks VS. Football Jigheads [When To Use Each Hook Style]

Hoss Helix Hooks VS. Football Jigheads - when should you use either hook style?These are two of the most common hook styles to use...
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Where To Shift Your Focus In Early Summer [Little River, SC – Spot Dissection]

Hey Insiders, it’s Spot Dissection time! Spot dissections are map analysis videos where we go through and “dissect” an area (either by request or from...
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Redfish & Trout PRE-TRIP PLANNING SECRETS (Summer Edition)

Want to hear the pre-trip planning SECRETS to catch redfish and trout in the summer (including the tools used)? Then check this out!...
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Reeling In An Inshore Slam On Our New Lure During Insider Meetup

During a recent Insider Meetup on the East Coast of Florida, I reeled in an inshore slam on our NEW LURE!!! If you missed the announcement...
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Finding Redfish In An Area With Big Tide Swings [Insider Report]

I was doing some fishing while on the road and was once again out of my element. Fishing in Jacksonville is a bit different than...
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The Puzzle Pieces Of Inshore Fishing (Putting It All Together)

What are the puzzle pieces of inshore fishing? Fishing is much like a puzzle in that there are different pieces you have to put together to...
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