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Palomar Knot vs. Uni Knot With Braided Line [Strength Test]

Want to know which knot is stronger when using braided line? Check out this test and see why you should never tie the...
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7 Tips To Catch Snook In Mangroves (With Artificial Lures)

Want to catch more snook in the mangroves? See how to get broken off less, what lures to use, how to find the best spots, and more in this video.
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How To Catch Boatloads Of Fish Near Oyster Bars

Oyster bars are some of the best places to catch inshore fish and in this video, you'll learn how to find oyster bars that hold fish, where fish...
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Best Lures To Use Under Popping Corks [DOA, Gulp, Z-Man, Chasebaits]

Are you missing out on fish when using a popping cork? Some lures (although they're popular) are causing you to not catch fish because...
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How To Fish Beach Points For Trout, Snook, Jacks, & Sharks

Want to catch a lot fish in a short amount of time? This style of beach fishing is one of the best ways to do that and in this video, you'll learn how to...
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How to Fish Coastal Creeks on Rising Tides [Insider Report]

Want to learn how incoming tides affect where fish feed in creeks? Check out this report where I'll cover spot selection, tactics, and more!
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Planning Your Fishing Trips: How Many Rods To Bring (And What To Rig)

Want to know how many rods and reels to bring on a fishing trip, and what to rig on them? Getting this right will save you time and help...
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Weekend Game Plan Lesson For Catching Inshore Slams [Aug 28 – 30]

See the fishing game plan for this weekend to catch inshore slams based on the latest feeding trends and upcoming weather.
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How To Find Feeding Inshore Saltwater Fish (Like The Pros)

Want to know how the pros are so successful at catching fish? Listen to this amazing story about how one guide knew exactly when the fish...
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Northeast Atlantic Summertime Spot Analysis [Virginia Spot Dissection]

In this Spot Dissection we will be taking a look at an area requested from Inner Circle member Jamie Beadle. The area shown as an...
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Fish Finder Rig vs. Knocker Rig: Pros, Cons, & When To Use Each Rig

Want to know when you should use a fish finder rig vs a knocker rig? It depends on the conditions you're fishing. Do you need to cast far? Are there lots...
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Inner Circle Live Video Lesson and Q&A [8-27-20]

Big welcome to all of our new Inner Circle members! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Click here to see the call log of...
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Jig Heads 101: Eye Placement & Jig Head Shapes

Confused at all the options of jig heads? Learn about the two most popular styles and eye placements and how to pick the right jig head for you here.
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2 Ways To Rig Gulp Peeler Crabs (For Redfish & Black Drum)

If you want to catch fish with Gulp Peeler Crabs, you need to make them look natural. These two ways of rigging them let the crab appear to take up a...
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Best (And WORST) Lures For Skip Casting Under Trees & Docks

Want to catch more fish under trees and docks? Skipping lures to the fish is one of the best ways to catch them here, but which lure you choose can...
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