2 Ways To Rig Gulp Peeler Crabs (For Redfish & Black Drum)


Do you use Gulp Peeler Crabs?

These are great baits for redfish and black drum, especially if you’re sight fishing them.

I’ve been using these crabs a lot recently on the flats and one question that seems to always come up is, “How do you rig them?”

That’s a great question because there’s no obvious way to rig them, so I made this video showing how I do it.

You’ll learn:

  • The 2 types of jig heads I use to rig them
  • 2 ways to rig them so that they appear to be acting naturally (which will generate more strikes)
  • A big mistake many people make when rigging these crabs
  • And much more

Check it out below.

How To Rig Gulp Peeler Crabs [VIDEO]

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My favorite way to rig Gulp Peeler Crabs is on the Savage Gear Crab Standup Jigg Head.

When you thread the hook through the rear side of the bait and up out of the top of the shell, it makes the crab look like it’s in a defensive position, which is likely what fish are expecting to see when they corner a crab.

You can also rig them on standard jig heads through the side.

This way, when you retrieve them, it’s like they’re scuttling sideways along the bottom, which is another natural way that crabs move.


Berkley Gulp! Peeler Crab Pack

By rigging Gulp Peeler Crabs so that they’re in a defensive position or moving sideways, you can present them naturally, which will increase the amount of fish you catch with them.

You can get the Savage Gear Crab Standup Jigg Head from Amazon here, and you can get the Gulp Peeler Crabs from Amazon here.

Have any questions about rigging Gulp Peeler Crabs?

Do you have other ways you like to rig them?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who needs to learn how to rig these crabs, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Corey Rocker
1 year ago

Which jigheads are those that you show as the second option? Thanks!

Mark McKinney
2 years ago

Pretty cool. Thanks Tony !!!

George Layton
2 years ago

Great tips Tony, that SG jig head definitely gives the Crab a natural posture !! Thanks for the info !


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