Palomar Knot vs. Uni Knot With Braided Line [Strength Test]


It’s knot test time!

In this video, we’re going to be testing the palomar knot vs. the uni knot when tied with braid line.

These are both extremely popular knots since they are great knots have been around for a very long time.

Since these knots came into popularity when monofilament line was pretty much the only option, we decided to run a test on them for how they hold up when tied with braid fishing line.

Is one better than the other for braid?

As it turns out, yes, one is!

Although both knots are very secure (neither of the knots pulled out during the test), they do have different breaking strengths, which essentially means that one is stronger (and can handle a bigger fish) than the other.

We’re finally able to quantify exactly how much the difference in breaking strength is between these two knots and it’s pretty significant.

Check out the video below to see the experiment and learn which knot is stronger.

Palomar Knot vs. Uni Knot [VIDEO]

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To test these knots, I first tied each end of a piece of line with the two different knots to two swivels.

Then, I used my knot strength testing machine to put tension on the knots and see which one broke first.

Just like in my previous tests, the palomar knot broke first, but with this new machine I was finally able to quantify how strong it is.

It broke at 18.36 lbs. of force, which, for using 10 lb. line, is pretty strong!

However, since it broke first, that means that the uni knot is stronger.

After a few tests where each knot to the swivel was a uni knot, I found that the average breaking strength was 20.21 lbs.

This is a little over 1.5 pounds, or 8% stronger than the palomar knot.


alabama leprechaun redfish

Since which knots you choose to tie is one of the few things under your control when fighting a fish, I’d definitely recommend going with the uni knot over the palomar knot.

It’s 8% stronger, so just by choosing the uni knot you can increase the pulling strength of your setup by 8%.

Nobody wants to lose a big fish because they tied a weak knot, so remember this test next time to you go tie a snug knot with braided line.

What’s your favorite snug knot with braided line?

Are there any other knots you’d like to see tested against each other?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who loves the palomar knot, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Dennis Mackin
10 months ago

Hi Luke,
I’m not convinced you have statistical significance on this test. To get to statistical significance, you need to calculate the accuracy and precision. Try 10 uni to uni and 10 palomar to palomar, then run a students t-test. Interesting fact, students t-test was invented to test one batch of Guinness stout vs another.

Thanks for this fantastic collection of information,
The Count

Matthew Kalajian
11 months ago

Have you tested or reviewed the World’s Fair knot? Vic Dunaway said in his book it has tested at 100% strength and is easy to tie. Curious how its stats would look on your tests.

2 years ago

why did all break at the top and not the bottom? i use the uni at times braid to cork but use loop to everything else.palomar is ruff on cork and if not tied right on hook it will fail. bad eyes can’t see it on itself and not half on leader.

Rob Huerbsch
2 years ago

What about a double palomar knot? Probably still not as good but if it narrows the gap, would be interesting to know.

Bob Mceneaney
2 years ago

You tube “How to tie GT knot, single leader braid to mono.

Bob Mceneaney
2 years ago

I tie the GT single line knot with the leader in a figure 8 then run the braid through both leader loops. Tighten the figure 8. Then tie the braid in a uni knot. Tighten it up and pull together. Seems very strong. Could you maybe test it. ?
Couple vids on you tube show it this way instead of the doubles line.

Park Beeler
2 years ago

Good article, but as strong as the uni knot is, the “double uni” is even better, especially with braid-to-mono /floro leader splices!!

Ron Artigue
2 years ago

Thanks Luke for doing all the testing for us. These knots have worked out great for me.
Have you ever tried comparing the Trilene knot to the others in braid (Uni) or mono (Palomar)?

2 years ago

So in your braided uni video, you are doing 10-12 wraps through the loop and here only 7. Did you conduct some additional testing that shows that 7 is the best? Do the extra wraps weaken the knot, strengthen the knot or not make a difference? Thanks for the video.

Peter C
2 years ago

I practiced tying the uni knot as shown on the video and it was quite easy to do and the results, a very strong knot..

What are some of the other applications for using the baid line in addition to tying the uni knot as mentioned below the video?


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