Weekly Newsletter: 9-5-21

It’s newsletter time!

Do you know how to wade fish in coastal creeks?

Have you caught a bull redfish at the jetties?

And do you know when NOT to use a popping cork?

See these tips in this week’s newsletter, plus:

  • How to store your soft plastic lures (so they don’t melt)
  • The Rapala Skitter Walk topwater review
  • A cheat sheet for choosing your lures by season and conditions
  • The best baitfish and how to find them
  • Final results of the mono versus fluoro knot strength contest

Check out these tips and more in the newsletter below!

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Where to Target South Texas Snook [Spot Dissection – South Padre island, Texas]

In this Spot Dissection we will be discussing where you should be looking for Snook in South Texas. The area shown as an example in...
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Ryan Lukaszewski

It's time for the Strong Angler of the Week! This week we're talking to Ryan who has a rockstar fishing family that wins tournaments and...
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US vs THEM (Satan is smiling right now with how we’re treating each other)

The story I share in this podcast of a family blasting each other on Facebook is just one of countless "us vs them" fights across the globe..
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How & When To Use A Stick Anchor For Your Bay Boat

Have you used a stick anchor on your boat? It's a very convenient, super quiet, and affordable option for an anchor when fishing shallow...
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