US vs THEM (Satan is smiling right now with how we’re treating each other)

I can only imagine Satan is smiling ear to ear with all of the hatred, animosity, and “us vs them” mentality on every topic you can possibly imagine.

I recently witnessed a person I know make a post sharing his ideas that had something to with Covid.

Minutes later one of his nieces chimed in saying she was disappointed in him and that she lost respect for him.

Shortly after, other family members chimed in with their opinion.

Before you knew it, the family was split in half, calling each other names, and even making threats… all on Facebook for everyone to see!

It was incredibly sad and it tore my heart to see a family get split apart on social media over one person’s post.

The worst part is this same type of scene can be found all over social media and even in our offices, schools, government, etc.

It’s got to end.

But how?

That’s what I discuss in this week’s Unchurched.

Enjoy this episode and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

US vs THEM (Satan is smiling right now) [PODCAST]


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Terrill Morgan
4 months ago

This is so true! My wife’s’ family went through this very thing (not her). It was also done on Facebook. It went on for almost a year until one of the family members passed and another caught COVID and nearly died. This actually brought the family back together. Thankfully they have been healed and a family restored. The whole incident was so unnecessary. God can and will restore if families turn to Him with the love that God gives us.


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