Truth About Drinking Alcohol & Caffeine (If You’re Having Anxiety Attacks)


I still remember where I was when I had my first anxiety attack (Related: How Alcohol & Anxiety Almost Took My Life)

I also remember where I was when I finally figured out what it was (for more than a year I just thought I was dying and I was too afraid to tell anyone what my body was going through because I thought they’d think I was crazy… or really dying).

And once I figured out that I had an anxiety disorder, one of the first things I started trying to fix was my diet.

I researched like crazy to see if something I was putting in my body was causing these.

Many blogs and forums said to cut out alcohol and caffeine completely.

So I tried that (and it didn’t work).

Some said to stop eating dairy.

Tried that.

Another fail.

After years and years of trial and error, I finally figured out the ideal amount of alcohol and caffeine for my body (that kept the anxiety attacks away).

Enjoy and I hope this helps you or a loved one.

Definitely listen until the end and leave me a comment below to let me know what you think.

Anxiety Attacks, Alcohol, Caffeine, & Sleep [PODCAST]

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2 years ago

Joe, I greatly respect you for your testimony in helping others. I don’t drink or have anxiety attacks, but you teach me on how l can help others with these issues. I think your fishing tips have value, but your humble advice to your fellow man has the greatest value. You are the man. Eric Evenson


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