How Alcohol & Anxiety Attacks Almost Took My Life… [Podcast]


This week’s podcast episode is like no other episode I’ve done before.

And it’s a tough one to share…

In fact, I actually completely deleted my first recording of it because I was a bit scared to publish this…

But then I received a text from my good high school friend letting me know one of our buddies had taken his own life…

So I got back on the mic to share my 14-year journey of struggling with alcohol, severe anxiety, and bouts of depression…

But I’m also going to share what healed me.

In this episode I talk about:

  • My lowest point in struggling with alcohol (how one night started a downward spiral…).
  • Why social anxiety caused me to miss multiple weddings.
  • The simple trick I learned from a freediving class that helped wipe away nearly all of my panic attacks.
  • Why I was lying to everyone and hiding my anxiety (and why you shouldn’t do that!).
  • What has been a HUGE help in curing my anxiety attacks and any thoughts of being down…

If I can help just one person with this episode, then it’ll be a success.

Click the play button below to listen to it here, or listen to it on iTunes or Stitcher.

I’d love to hear your feedback, so shoot me an email or leave a comment below.


Conquering Alcohol, Depression & Anxiety [Podcast]

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If I can help just one person with this podcast, then I’ve done my job.

Here are some things that have helped me:

  • Whenever things get tough, I always remind myself, “This too shall pass.”
  • If I feel an anxiety attack coming on, I slowly breathe in through my nose and feel the air expanding in my stomach, not my chest.
  • I have a strong purpose in my life.
  • Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich helped me realize everything is in my mind.
  • I shared my journey through depression, anxiety, and alcohol to happiness in my book, Fishing For Happiness, in hopes of helping others.

If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, or alcohol, I urge you to share it with someone.

You’d be surprised at how many people are struggling with this, and a simple conversation may be the difference between life and death.

If you want to share it with me, please contact me at my private email, I’d be happy to talk.

Thanks for listening and if you know someone who could benefit from hearing my story, please share it with them!

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Bob Gmitter
6 months ago

I prayed for God to send me an angel to guide me on my anxiety which I have had since college almost 40 years ago. It has really impacted my life now when I just retired and wan tto enjoy life and fulfill a mission to help others. I am almost crying with relief. You are an angel.

Anabel Rivera
1 year ago

Thanks for all you are doing God bless you and your family.

Bob Sherman
1 year ago

“You are not alone” my friend. “Thanks for sharing.” and my very own cliché, “Like a cheeseburger, this will pass.”

2 years ago

First time actually experiencing any type of severe panic & anxiety, wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy .. looked up “extreme anxiety” on YouTube came across you and finally felt relief. Grateful for you.

Thank you.

Jonny p
2 years ago

Just got through listening. Thank you. Tried zoloft for 6 days for anxiety. Made me way worse.Been off of them for 3-4 days feel much better. Still anxiety. Then I seen your video. Game changer.
Thank you
Good bless

2 years ago

Joe, Thank you so much for sharing your story truly inspiring, I’m also suffering from anxiety and I have a lot of learning from your story, with these 3 secrets breathing, mission and faith God is always there no matter what. amen.

Edward Fruitman
4 years ago

These days we all live rather stressful lives, and whilst some people have this stress much more than others, many of us struggle to cope. While trying to find a way through it all, we turn to methods that help us relax, help us unwind, and in some cases, help us try and forget whatever it is that is stressing us out. Read More

Greg Batchelor
5 years ago

This too shall pass………………………..thanks for sharing your heart my brother

Greg Batchelor
5 years ago

Joe, you are awesome in putting this out there. I have a year totally no alcohol under my belt, I never had a problem with it, but I am sure my son did. My quitting has indirectly caused him to back down from what he had been drinking…….we cover our kids! Thank you Holy Spirit, and thank you for sharing your story

Don Thomas
5 years ago

Joe! Enthusiasm breeds happiness! Thank you letting us know that you are just like everyone of us! We all have struggles. We have people we can count on! Your one of them Joe! Thank you for reaching out to me!


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