April Vokey (The Fly Gal) Interview

By: Joseph Simonds on March 6, 2015
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When I found out that April Vokey agreed to do a Google Hangout Interview with us, I was pretty stoked.

She is an incredible angler and outdoors-woman that we followed for many years, and in our minds she is the trailblazer for the fly fishing world (for both men and women).

What was really crazy was she booked a spot on my calendar for 9am EST, but said she that was in Australia (which would be about 1am there in Sydney).

In fact, April later sent me an email asking if she could do a different time since it would be so late.

I gladly replied that we will bend over backwards for the incredible April Vokey, but I never heard back…

So that entire morning before the scheduled time, I kept telling myself that there is no way she is going to make this interview.

I knew she was down in Australia filming some epic footage of her chasing marlin, and I could only imagine the last thing she wanted to do after a long day was to stay up until 1am to do an interview with Salt Strong…

But not only did April show up for the interview, she brought her A-Game!

What an awesome time we had.

And what a superstar!

No wonder so many doors keep opening up for this contagious fly-gal!

April, thank you again for your time on this. We sincerely had a freaking blast!

P.S. – #NoDentistChairs

How to Contact April Vokey

And please, everyone, go check out April Vokey on her main site (and listen to her podcasts! They are amazing): http://www.aprilvokey.com/

Follow her on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/AprilVokey

And follow her on Instagram here: https://instagram.com/aprilvokey



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