Ask The Salt Strong Coaches – Live Q&A

In this episode, three Salt Strong Coaches are taking your questions LIVE on air for any and all fishing-related questions!

We have Rich Natoli with his focus on fishing the saltwater from Maryland through Maine, Pat Ogletree with his wide-ranging area spanning from Texas through Virginia, and special guest Justin Ritchey who not only has experience fishing the entire southeastern U.S. but is also the lead “Tackle Guru” for Salt Strong.

Come with any and all questions you’ve been itching to ask the coaches about any species from redfish to fluke, speckled trout to tautog, or any questions you have about gear, tackle, or tactics, and we’ll answer as many as possible in one hour!

Ask The Salt Strong Coaches [VIDEO]

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Pat, Justin, and I are READY to hear your questions and provide our insights and talk about all things fishing.

Whether you are located up in the Northeast, the Carolinas, Texas, or down in Florida, all topics and questions are welcome!!

In the past, the live streams have mostly showcased striped bass fishing experts and captains so we are really excited about welcoming Salt Strong Coaches to talk about all types of fisheries.

The live stream begins at 8pm EST on Monday evenings.

Drop your questions below NOW to see them answered later tonight!!

We hope you enjoy it!!

What other topics do you want to see Rich and his guests talk about and discuss in detail?

Go ahead and let us know down in the comments!!

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Jamie Stanley
1 year ago

This is great gentlemen and appreciate you three. Pat touched on this answering a previous question about the fish having to come to you fishing on piers, so surf fishing is a better way to go. I just recently purchased some wading boots and will be getting out of my comfort zone and learning to wade fish. With that being said and I know there are wading lessons and videos all throughout the fishing tips etc., but since we’re all here, ha what are there any different variables for your pre-trip gameplans for wade fishing? I’d also like to hear if yall know of any suggestions from other shore type fishing, piers, parks and the like. Always wanted to know trends of inshore species realistically hanging around feeding around these shoreline zones. I’ve spent a good deal of the year, so far getting skunked and more time in the car moving to different locations to see, if I get lucky. I completely understand I’m at a disadvantage shore fishing with no vessel, but maybe I’m missing some game plan things that can help maximize my efforts in these limited feeding zones. I just need a kayak or boat guys!!

Torry Dancy
1 year ago

When reading smart spots, I understand that over time the sandbars and points change over time. Does the depths stay pretty consistent or is there any fluctuation over time? I guess I’m trying to understand ( other than tide changes ) does the natural underwater structure stay consistent over time.

patrick schill
1 year ago

Huge shoutout to Pat. I can definitely tell your reports have hit another level this year and love that you’re back in the central Florida area !!!!!!

patrick schill
1 year ago

Love this !!! Have seen a lot of spot dissections in the spruce creek and surrounding area, what are the chances we can see a coach bringing the heat to the area ?

Dennis Mackin
1 year ago

I have 3 questions related to fishing near Houston. I suppose Q2 is the best.

  1. There are so many residential dock areas. Maybe you would want to cover how you recommend fishing those with artificial lures. Luke is the dock king and I’ve watched his course, but I’m wondering if Texas is different. I have tried docks only to end up with snags and frayed lines.
  2. The fishing pressure in locations near Houston such as San Luis Pass is extreme. How long do I have to wait before I fish a spot after someone else? What are some tricks for weekend fishing the highly pressured areas?
  3. Do you consider salinity when you a choosing a spot? The northern sections of Galveston Bay seem to be almost fresh water (I have not measured it).
Kris Jachim
1 year ago
Reply to  Dennis Mackin

I have the same question on Texas dock fishing. I wish Luke would make a trip over here and show us it’s possible here too.

Peter Larosa
1 year ago

Hey guys! Can’t wait Til 8!
Just wondering how important is it really, to retrieve your paddletail or any lure for that matter (with) the current?
I’ve seen baitfish with their nose into the current too plenty of times, so I’m a little confused. I eman baitfish swim all over the place no?
Thanks for all you guys do!

Travis Rodkey
1 year ago

Hope to attend live, but not sure if able, so also leaving question now. Am in Houston/Galveston area. Would you change baits, lures, rigs, tackle, the time to go, what to look for, or anything else specifically for wintertime for either Surf fishing on beach or Pier fishing (piers above surf)? Have a pretty good handle on winter tactics for bays/marsh etc but wondering re those 2 scenarios.

Matt Loutzenhiser
1 year ago

Dropping my question now and I’ll tune in tonight. I’m headed for for a day trip in NIR/Mosquito lagoon area tomorrow. It seems like we’ve got a mini cold front pushing through today and tomorrow where the area won’t get out of the 70s today and air temp could drop into 50s over night. I’m expecting tough conditions tomorrow because of it. My plan is to start in a dredged out creek in the morning hoping to find deeper water and then find wind protected coves with dark bottoms after the sun is up. Any thoughts or recommendations when these mini cold fronts push through?

Matt Loutzenhiser
1 year ago

Absolute!!!! So excited to see something like this again. The “ask a coach option” on the community is great, but I’ve been missing the old Thursday calls.


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