The Only Microfiber Lobster Shirt With A Lobster Gauge Built In. You’ve Got To See This!

By: Joseph Simonds on July 12, 2016
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best lobster shirts

Yep, that just happened…

When Luke and I were discussing the design for a “Lobster Strong” shirt, I threw out the idea of adding a lobster gauge on the outside of the arm.

Luke said it would look too “flairy” on the outside of the arm, so we made a sample of the gauge on the inside and…


best lobster shirt

The actual 3-inch lobster gauge is sublimated in the inner sleeve of the left arm!

Yep, not only did we come up with what we think is the best-looking lobster shirt ever made, but we also added in one of the coolest conversation starters in the history of lobster shirts.

These Lobster Strong shirts will only be around for a limited time, so grab yours while you can (and before Lobster season officially kicks off)

We have them in arctic blue and white in sizes from XS – 4XL

Click here to grab yours now

best lobster shirt

Arctic blue and white Lobster Strong shirts

And check out the video we made below of the first two Lobster Strong shirts to come out of the bag.

Oh Snap!

Introducing Lobster Strong!

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The Best Lobster Shirt Ever Made?

We have reason to believe that this is the best lobster shirt ever made.

Besides Kramer’s famous “Lobster Shirt” from Seinfeld, this could be the most talked about lobster shirt ever created.

And certainly, the shirt that starts up instant conversations with anyone that is a fellow spiny lobster lover.

We can’t wait to see your pics this lobster season holding up your best lobster to the built-in lobster gauge on the sleeve!

Important Note For The Lawyers: Although the lobster gauge is made to the correct size, it could shrink slightly after numerous washes, so do NOT use this lobster gauge as your official lobster measuring device.

Click Here To Grab Your Very Own Lobster Strong Shirt Today!

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Lobster On!

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