Blair Wiggins Lands 150lb Lemon Shark With Help of The FG Knot.

By: Joseph Simonds on June 23, 2015
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blair wiggins fg knot

One of the last videos we had on our home page of Capt. Blair Wiggins (host of Addictive Fishing) was when he and Mark Nichols hooked the Tarpon that literally jumped over a dock! (watch that video here)

What a classic!

And now the “Mogan Man” is back on our site!

In this video below, Captain Blair Wiggins is out fishing the shallow flats (about 2 feet of water) of Key Largo, Florida with Captain Lain Goodwin. They were originally going after Tarpon, but after a slow Tarpon day, they decided to target one of the other best fighting fish in the sea… big sharks.

In particular, big Lemon Sharks.

Around the 3:15 mark in the video, Capt. Blair starts describing what he is using to land this 150lb Lemon Shark. Everything from his braided line, leader, hook, and swivel. But of course we all know that none of this really matters that much if you don’t have strong enough fishing knots to tie and hold it all in place while you fight a monster fish.

And then around the 3:20 mark, Blair mentions the knot that he uses to tie the leader to the braid (the most critical knot for fighting big fish).

What knot was it?

The FG Knot.

Here is what Blair has to say about the FG Knot in this video below:

“It’s the most awesome knot I’ve ever used”

And we couldn’t agree more.

The FG Knot shocked Luke and I after winning our Strongest Knot Contest (for braid to leader – see the results here), and it continues to outperform all of the other other fishing knots that we put it up against.

Luke even landed a 60lb Tarpon on 10lb test line (in under 30 minutes) with the help of the FG knot a couple of weeks ago (check out that video here).

Why over 1,200 anglers have given the FG Knot a Thumbs Up

Check out the recent screenshot from the FG Knot Video on YouTube.

You can see that it has been viewed over 215,000 times (perhaps more by time you read this), it has over 1,200 likes, and over 200 comments.

In fact, our friend Blair Wiggins was one of the first to leave comments with his love of the FG knot. And if Blair Wiggins, a guy that has caught more fish and tested more fishing knots than most living anglers, approves of the FG knot, then we know it’s good.

Check out the screenshot from YouTube (click here to watch the FG Knot Video on YouTube)

blair wiggins FG knot

Blair Wiggins Biggest Lemon Shark Ever

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