How To Consistently Catch Redfish From A Kayak (With Skye Burkhardt)

It’s not easy to always know where the redfish are…

And it’s not easy to consistently catch redfish out of a kayak…

But Skye Burkhardt, aka “Brassyhooker87,” seems to have mastered both… catching more fish in a season than most fishermen do all year long.

She seems to be a magnet for redfish, and she has them dialed in over the east coast of Florida like no other.

We even sent her a pair of Salt Strong Tarpon leggings, hoping she would catch some tarpon, but instead, she keeps rolling in the reds…

Skye with her Salt Strong “Tarpon” leggings

Since we’ve been big fans of Skye and her amazing fishing skills, we asked her to join us this week on the Fish Strong Podcast.

We discuss everything from:

  • How to scout out a new area
  • Pre-trip planning
  • Girls in the fishing world
  • Her favorite lures for redfish

Regardless if you fish in the Mosquito Lagoon area or not, this Fish Strong podcast with Skye will have you wanting to target some redfish out of your kayak this summer.

Check out this amazing episode below and let us know any questions you have in the comments below.

You’ll quickly understand why Skye is having so much fun out there and always has a smile.

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Note: Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the Fish Strong podcast on iTunes or Google Play.

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P.S. – To see all of the past podcast episodes, click here now.

Tight lines!

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Joe Pires
3 years ago

My first dissapointment with salt strong content. The title says catch more fish from a kayak. The podcast was a personality profile.


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