D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet Review [Top 3 Pros & Cons Video]


The D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet is a lure that I had in my tackle box for a long time but couldn’t figure out the best way to use it.

It wasn’t until recently that I found an application for it in deeper water.

Upon trying this lure out, I was immediately successful and caught a nice snook. I also garnered interest from other lunker fish in the same outing.

Since that time, I’ve used the D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet a number of times and feel like I have a good sense of this lure.

In this article, I offer my full review of the D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet and tell you my top pros and cons for the lure. I also show you some on the water action with this lure in the video review at the bottom of the article.

Note: We are not affiliated with any fishing lure companies. If you’ve used the D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet, let us know what you thought of it in the comments section. Your honest feedback is always welcome!

The D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet Specs

D.O.A. Swimmin' Mullet Specs

The D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet is a soft plastic body lure with a heavy jig inside the lure weighing in at 1 1/4 oz.

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Top Three Pros & Cons For The D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet

D.O.A. Swimmin' Mullet Pros and Cons

In this section, I go over the top pros and cons of the D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet to help you get as accurate an understanding of this lure as possible before you buy it.

Top Three Pros Of The Swimmin’ Mullet

This section shows you the top three pros of the D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet.

1. Durability

For a soft plastic lure, the Swimmin’ Mullet is tough and made out of strong materials. It will hold up against big, tough fish longer than other soft plastic lures.

2. Good Action

This lure has good action. You can jig and straight retrieve it and get good movement from the soft plastic body either way.

3. Casting Distance

Due to the Swimmin’ Mullet’s weight, this lure can be cast a mile. The ability to cast this lure long distances also allows you to search an area you’re fishing thoroughly.

Top Three Cons Of The Swimmin’ Mullet

This section shows you the top three cons of the D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet.

1. The Soft Plastic Will Eventually Tear

The soft plastic lure will eventually tear after going up against tough fish and structure. Luckily there are replacement Swimmin’ Mullet bodies available for when they eventually break down.

2. Hard To Target Tarpon

The profile and action of the lure are great for enticing tarpon to strike but hard to keep them hooked up. The heavy jig eyes allow tarpon to shake loose from the lure easier than a species with a soft mouth like a snook would.

3. Only Good For Deep Water

I haven’t found an application I like for this lure when fishing anything less than 10′ of water. While I like the lure for deeper water fishing, it’s not a good shallow water choice.

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D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet Video Review

In this video, I give you my top pros and cons of the D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet and show you the lure in use with some snook catching footage.

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D.O.A. Swimmin' Mullet

This is a good lure for deep water fishing and for catching fish that really thump lures.

For shallow water and tarpon fishing, this would not be my top lure choice.

If you’ve used the D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet, please let us know your thoughts on this lure in the comments below.

Also, let us know if you have questions about how to use this lure.

Remember, we are not affiliated with any fishing lure companies and all our reviews are objective.

Tight Lines!

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Frank VC
1 year ago

I caught a really nice gag grouper trolling it last weekend. Got it to the boat where it came out as soon tension came off. The weight of the hook as Luke points out works against you as the fish come to the surface. Going to try it again next week.

Caught some Jacks casting it but the jacks tore it up quickly.

Michael Connelly
2 years ago

I really like these lures at the inlet here in Jax. You can cast them in close enough to the rocks to get the attention of the Redfish that prowl that type of structure. Even though they are heavy by design they don’t seem to “easily” get hung up. I have only caught Redfish on them so far which is NOT a problem but I have had no issue with thrown hooks and in fact quite the opposite. To be clear I am using a lighter rod (10-20lb) than you may normally pick for a heavy lure but I was afraid of too stiff Of a tip would cause the fish to be able to toss it.

Joey Guest
3 years ago

Luke, what # mainline and leader are you using when throwing a heavier lure and targeting bigger snook?

Steven Free
3 years ago

Never seen it before but to me I don’t like doa much I tried the one with the 2 curly tails and it was so stiff the tails didn’t move a bit and to me the shrimp was worse then the live target shrimp being that at least live target looks more like a shrimp but both the live target and the doa are to stiff they don’t jump or act like a shrimp at all and I guess i wouldn’t use that bait you have anyways because I never venture offshore or fish any reefs all intercoastal inshore did 20 years on the Britney blue in the ole us navy so i have no interest in fishing it anyways thanks for the report and all you do????

Cam Allen
3 years ago

Are these essentially just a bigger version of the Terror Eyes, Luke?

Bob Hunt
3 years ago

I am going to try this lure, I have had one in my assortment. I am new to area, I fish Crystal river at the spoils. Not much luck, do you have a better spot for me around there?? That is about as far out as I can go because of gas. I pass Shell Island to get there. I go out of Ft island ramp # 1. Thanks Bob Hunt

John Martin
3 years ago

Hi Luke, very interesting for a different plastic bait. I enjoy eating mackerel. I fish around Stump Pass from November to April. Bay Bridge and smal bridges with strong tides even slowing just a bit in winter. I trolling a 12’ truffle of 100o metres with grass and pole hole to west of the truff .
Do you thinks a plastic swim bat like DAO and a Johnson spoons are my best trolling lure for mackerel . And are mackerel in all winter in the intercoast?
Sure love your honest and fine reviews
Best Regards
John Martin

John Martin
3 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thanks tons Luke . When is the snook keep close now?
Best Regards
Johnnie Martin

John Jefferson
3 years ago

Luke – Your approach and delivery seem totally honest and impartial. I’ve known Mark Nickols for years and have used a number of his lures. I’m going to try this one first in fresh water, and will report back, although I know your shirt says SALT Strong. I’ll hit the coast a little later for a salty test.

Ken Blais
3 years ago

Luke, could you direct me to where to find more information on reef fishing? I usually fish out of Tarpon Springs and there’s a reef off the south side of Anclote Key I’d like to try out. Completely new to this, so can use all the help I can get. Thanks!

Ken Blais
3 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thanks. Just got a chance to watch. Nice Tarpon!

Rick Mowery
3 years ago

Did you try any other colors of the DOA Swimmin Mullet?


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