This Is My New Favorite Popping Cork [The Dr. Popper]


The Dr. Popper has quickly turned into my favorite popping cork for attracting attention to lures when the water is murky and/or churned up.

This unique cork gives off sound similar to a fish striking at the surface with its concave shape, and it’s brass beads give off a lifelike clicking sound as you’ll be able to hear in the video below.

A huge added bonus is that it can easily be stored in any tackle tray unlike most other popping corks which have a rigid wire that can’t be bent.

See video below to see how lures look and sound when worked under this cork:

Dr. Popper Introduction

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What To Use Under Popping Corks?

For many years, I thought that popping corks were only for attracting attention to live bait. But they are surprisingly effective with lures since they provide a natural motion in the water when the cork gets popped, and then the lure glides down nicely back towards the bottom which is when they get hit.

My two favorites are the ones that are shown in the video:

  1. Paddletail jig: The 2.0 rigged on 1/4 oz jighead
  2. Shrimp jig: The Prawn USA Jr rigged on 1/4 oz jighead

When To Use Popping Corks?

Popping corks provide a huge help in getting strikes when fishing in areas with murky and/or churned water because its noise helps predator fish like seatrout, redfish, etc. find your lure as it bounces just under the commotion.

Note: These corks also work great in clear water conditions when in need of attracting the attention of seatrout that are holding in deeper structure like seagrass or oysters.


Given that this new popping cork is:

  • Guaranteed to get results
  • Super easy to store in any tackle tray
  • Made in the USA

We highly recommend adding it to your arsenal so that you’ll have it handy the next time you’re fishing in murky and/or churned up water.

If you do give it a try, you’ll surely find that it will jump up the ranks very quickly to become your favorite popping cork of all.

These are hand-made in Winter Haven, FL, so be sure to claim yours while supplies last.

Click here to get this cork

Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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12 days ago

Glad to see the mono. Been changing mine for a while… Thanks Luke.

Mike Hurlbert
13 days ago

How are you reeling that one in couple pops real real? Do you want to keep it moving?

Neal Hagood
16 days ago

I have used and had great success with my DR. Popper (prototype).
I would like to see an oval cork version as well! I have more success with the ovals in calmer waters and conditions. 1 more choice to help get dialed in on the fish!

Edgar Floyd
16 days ago

Thanks for visual and information.

Justin Hall
18 days ago

Need an adjustable version. We have huge tides in Camden County, GA.

Terry Hinton
18 days ago

thanks Luke !

Robert Ashcraft
18 days ago

Great job guys I’ve been cutting the steel leaders out of them for years and replacing them with monofilament. Usually I use about 60 to 80 pounds.

Russell Gardner
18 days ago

This cork is all well and good … but not very useful when you need to change your depth often, I’ve gotten away from hard wire corks like this in favor of the weighted Styrofoam popping cork (where I can slide the leader for more or less depth).

Ron Rudolph
18 days ago

I like the small storage area and look forward to trying this popping cork!

Harold Haskins
18 days ago

Hello I know that I am a member but I forgot what to do and how to use my membership please help Harold Haskins.thank ypu


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