Why God + Coffee + Fishing = Secret to Living to 116

By: Joseph Simonds on April 14, 2015
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fish longer live longer

Can you recall when your teacher or parent asked you how long you wanted to live when you were a kid?

I am not sure if you were anything like me, but the first thing out of my mouth was, “I want to live to AGE 100!”

It was probably because that was about as high as I could count at the time, but either way, it sounded good, reasonable, and attainable…

Fast forward to today, and 100 years old doesn’t seem so easy as it did back when I was a little kid.

Heck, some days I am just happy to make it through the day!

But this lady should give us all some hope and inspiration…

Fish Longer Live Longer

Meet Jeralean Talley.

She was born in 1899!!!

fish longer live longer

She turns 116 next month, and she says she feels great.

In fact, her quote on how she feels is inspiring in and of itself.

“I don’t feel bad,” Talley said. “I don’t feel sick. I feel as good as you do, and I look as good as you do. I just can’t get around as well as you do.”

Her secrets to a long life?

A lot of coffee (she has had a cup of coffee every day for as long as she can remember), no cheese or butter, God’s favor, eating plenty of fish, and fishing.

That’s right, God, Coffee, and Fishing.

In regards to God, when Jeralean is asked about the secret to her longevity by reporters, she gives the same answer she has given before:

“It’s coming from above. That’s the best advice I can give you. It’s not in my hands or your hands,” she said, pointing vigorously skyward with both index fingers.

Jeralean also still makes it to church every single Sunday (what’s your excuse…)

And in regards to fishing, the 116-year-old is still wetting a line and catching fish with the best of them.

Her family and friends say she that even today she is quite robust and goes out on at least two fishing trips per year!

When asked about her favorite fish to catch, Jeralean says that catfish and trout are her favorite fish to catch.

fish longer live longer

Miss Jeralean Talley out fishing

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Fish Longer…Live Longer…

Pictures courtesy of Time and Google


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