The Shocking Fishing Lesson I Discovered From An Investment Banker…


Even been shocked at what you can learn from someone you least expect it from?

Kind of like Luke Skywalker learning his Jedi moves from a little green dude with a stick named Yoda…

Well, I had a similar experience this year.

In particular, I learned something really important about fishing…

And it was one of the most surprising lessons of the year… all from an investment banker (who doesn’t really fish).

You’ll definitely love this episode!

Click down below to listen in as we discuss the big idea behind our private fishing community (click here to learn more about the Salt Strong community including how to sign up).

I’ll also add in a video of the community at the bottom of the post.


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Dave Otte
2 years ago

Joe, thank you for sharing this with us. I am so honored that you are not chasing the quick $$ and you are living out the vision that’s been laid out in front of you. We are the ones who benefit from that! Back when I started, I was simply a frustrated fisherman that hadn’t put a fish in my kayak for a year. I was ready to quit, but I was lead to you for 1 final gasp of air. Since then, you’ve taught me how to catch fish, but more importantly, you’ve empowered me. You’ve given me all the tools to do this: When I go fishing, I’m the ‘king’ of where I decide to go (courses). I decide what to use (insider reports) and where to cast (spot dissections) , and when I’m successful, I celebrate with my friends and encourage them to be successful like I did (community). Now that’s fun, when I can share that entire package with my friends!!

Joe, you are on to something really big. One day you’ll be in college text books and this will be a case study for people to learn from and to apply to other groups and industries. Nobody else has ‘got’ this – not Facebook, not YouTube, etc. They have pieces of it, but you have been given a vision of how to put it all together for a bigger purpose and you are determined to see it through. We are not ‘customers’ as the business world would define us; we are all part of the success of something that’s bigger than us. Thank you for shepherding this vision for us!!

James Tintle
2 years ago
Reply to  Dave Otte

Dave, wow! I can say that is one hell of a comment. It boils everything down and I definitely concur!


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