[POLL] What Kind Of Fishing Tips Do You Want To See More Of On SaltStrong.com?

By: Joseph Simonds on August 9, 2015
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Our next big initiative here at Salt Strong is to load up the site with the absolute best fishing tips you can find anywhere on the web.

Because the BIG PROBLEM we see out there is that there is just so much crap to cut through to find the best fishing tips and the answers to your fishing inquiries…

Whether it be looking for a video on how to tie the best knot, a tutorial on how to best catch a certain species of fish, or a “how to” video on the best way to catch a certain bait fish, there is just way too much noise out there.

Who can you trust?

Well our goal is to become THE TRUSTED WEBSITE for all of the best Fishing Tips and “How To” videos on saltwater fishing. Essentially eliminating wasted time on your end by not having to spend all day searching for a trustworthy video, not to mention helping you get from Point A to Point Z with the least amount of frustration possible.

Because let’s face it, you don’t have time to sit through hours of YouTube videos just to find one fishing tip, and there is nothing worse than getting into a video and realizing it is just one big sales pitch or some bogus angler trying to convince you he or she has some “fishing secret” that might work…

You just don’t have the time (or patience) for it.

But Team Salt Strong does!

However, before we spent countless man hours rounding up all of the absolute best and most trustworthy fishing tips, please let us know exactly what kind of fishing tips you want to see more of by using this simple Fishing Tips Poll below.

And if there is something specific you want to see, PLEASE let us know in the comment section.

Note: If you have more than one interest in the poll below, either refresh the page and click a second (or third) option, or just let us know in the comments. We will be keeping a running tally of the responses either way.

Thank you, and looking forward to hearing from you!

P.S. – Please SHARE with fellow anglers so we can get as much feedback as possible. It will help everyone out and we will greatly appreciate it.

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Jude Hunt
4 years ago

I am interested in surf fishing as well as boat fishing in local inlets. I am in the SC/NC area, and would love any information on this type of fishing as I am practically a noob that has never really made any kind of major catch. After reading your “Manifest”, I am realizing that the idea is to stay simplistic. Another topic I would like to see more of is reading satellite maps. I am looking at them after your advice, but I must admit that I often have no clue what I am looking at or for. Maybe you could go through something like a series of pics in which we got to pick out areas that appear good, and then have you point out areas that you identify on the next page. I don’t know… just a thought.

4 years ago

Id like to see a side bar on tackle set ups for different species. Getting back in to salt water fishing after years away. Much has changed. For example, what spinner size (30.40,50) and rod type do you prefer for trout, redfish, etc. Braid has reduced the need for larger capacity reels. I fished with open faced reels, live bait, and 9′ rods. Starting to paddle fish and want to try some plastics and spinners. Really love the knot tests.

William Raftery
William Raftery
4 years ago

I’m interested in all types of fishing but feel there should be a mixture, don’t get stuck in 1type for too long. Thanks for giving me a voice.