The GPS Coordinates Of Every Public Artificial Reef In Florida

By: Joseph Simonds on August 22, 2016
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gps coordinates florida reefs

Over 3,000 artificial reef GPS coordinates all in this blog post!

My brother Luke and I moderate our private Facebook Group, the “Salt Strong Fishing Tribe” pretty closely to see what people are catching, and just as importantly, what questions people have regarding fishing.

In fact, many of our best blogs have come from answering questions from our private Facebook group such as:

Recently, we have seen quite a few questions from the Facebook Fishing Tribe asking for GPS numbers to reefs in Florida.

Some of these questions are coming from inshore anglers that are trying offshore fishing for their first time, while others have been anglers traveling from out of state or to new parts of Florida and looking for some structure.

After doing some online searches, we discovered that our friends over at the FWC (Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation) not only have the GPS coordinates to every artificial reef in Florida available, but they have them ready for you to use in a PDF or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

The bad news is they don’t make it very easy to find…

Click Here to get instant access to the FWC Artificial Reef GPS Coordinates – PDF Version

Click Here to get instant access to the FWC Artifical Reef GPS Coordinates – Microsoft Excel Version

The FWC has so much information on their site that sometimes things are so far buried down that they rarely get seen.

So we have taken the liberty of sharing their GPS coordinates of every artificial reef in Florida that they worked so hard at building.

It’s well over 3,000 documented artificial reefs in Florida! That should be enough to keep most of you anglers busy for a long time!

FWC, if you are reading this, we will gladly help out for at no charge if you ever want some help organizing your site. We support you guys 110% and will do anything we can to help out.

The GPS Coordinates Of All Public Artifical Reefs In Florida

gps coordinates of public reefs in florida

A Goliath Grouper making his home in an artificial reef in Florida

The FWC did a great job of breaking these GPS spots down by Florida County, and you will see the following stats for each artificial reef:

  • Reef Name
  • Quick description of what it is
  • Depth of reef
  • Latitude number
  • Longitude number

It will look something like this:

Reef Name: Steel Cable Reels (MB-172)

Description: Oceaneering Steel Cable Reel Mounted on a Steel Stand 28’x22’x23′

Depth: 77 ft

Latitude: 29° 55.108′ N (DM) or 29.91847 (DD)

Longitude: 85° 35.834′ W (DM)  or -85.59723 (DD)

Click Here to get instant access to the FWC Artificial Reef GPS Coordinates – PDF Version

Click Here to get instant access to the FWC Artifical Reef GPS Coordinates – Microsoft Excel Version

Here is the description of these reef locations from the FWC:

Encompassing 34 of 35 different coastal counties spread along 1,357 miles of ocean fronting coastline, Florida manages one of the most diverse, and most active artificial reef programs in the United States. As of June 2015, the FWC Artificial Reef Program reports over 3,000 artificial reef deployment locations state-wide. Artificial Reefs are about evenly divided between state and federal waters and range from 4 feet in depth to 414 feet (average depth 65 feet).

Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment if you know of other public GPS coordinates that we can add to this.

Click here to visit the FWC website where you can learn more about their artificial reef program and get updates on any new GPS coordinates for artificial reefs in Florida.

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Tight Lines.

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It would be a great site if they would put the full longitude and latitude numbers for you to enter into your GPS.




seriously im stopping my donations on this point alone!!!!

Bart – artificial reefs, natural reefs, wrecks, ledges, banks, holes, you name it, mapped out with coordinates for not just Fla, but the whole planet. Download and make your own SD card or order one custom made.


Joe, makes all the public numbers available for free in GPX and other electronic file formats for chartplotters. No more typing in numbers one by one, just copy the file to an SD card and stick it in your machine.

Liz Lombardi
Liz Lombardi

Another great resource we use is the charts and interactive app on Florida Go Fishing, they have all FWC’s numbers plus natural reefs and shipwrecks.


Yes, the reef locations are great. I fish them all the time…. We just recently launched an app called Fishin’ Wizard that is pre-loaded with all of the FWC reef locations that have medium or high accuracy. You can download it for free on the iOS or Play app stores.


Excellent article for snorkeling, fishing and scuba diving too thanks guys you’re great!