Georgia Oyster Beds Are NOW Viewable In Smart Fishing Spots!


Georgia Oyster Beds are NOW viewable in the Smart Fishing Spots App!!

Florida, Texas, and other states either have full viewable oyster beds and seagrass or it is on its way very soon.

This video will teach you how to view all the oyster beds in Georgia!

Georgia Oyster Beds [VIDEO]

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Smart Fishing Spots is our all-in-one fishing app that has the tides, wind, and weather, among a host of other features available.

We just added new features that reveal all of the oyster beds and seagrass in your area.

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Oyster Bar Feature

Oyster Bars and Seagrass are crucial elements to look for when picking the ideal fishing spot.

The problem is a lot of the time, we have no idea whether or not oysters or seagrass are hiding at the bottom of different areas.

Smart Fishing Spots is the solution.

All you need to do is first click the small blue/white “Gear” icon in the bottom right-hand corner of Smart Fishing Spots.

Then click the first icon from the right which is the Map Layers tab.

You will see a few different Layer Options as well as different features up at the top of the little pop-up menu.

All it takes is a click of a button on any feature you want and that will show up on the map for you to view.

Oyster Bars in Georgia will appear in yellow on the map.

Specifically in Georgia, and other areas with murky water, this is an incredibly useful resource.

Finding oyster bars ahead of time will put you on the correct path to finding fish.

As we all know, structure is advantageous, and if you pair that with some current flow, you’ve got a great fishing spot.

Since Smart Fishing Spots has been made available to the public, I personally have used it on every single fishing trip since.

And I’ve actually gone out and found a ton of new fishing spots I didn’t know were there as a result of using our app.

You’d be surprised how many oyster bars or other features you’ll find in spots you’ve been to dozens of times before that you never even knew were there.

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why you should use smart fishing spots to pre-plan your fishing trips

Out of all the features Smart Fishing Spots has to offer from marking tracks to monitoring real-time weather patterns, the marked oyster beds and seagrass feature is what gets me the most excited.

You can immediately identify the 10% zones that are holding the majority of fish.

Smart Fishing Spots has transformed the way we approach our fishing trips.

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Dylan Brant
7 months ago

Are the oyster beds white in SC?

Dylan Brant
7 months ago
Reply to  Richard Thomas

I thought they were based on what I was seeing. It’s no big deal, just wanted to verify that I was reading it right.

7 months ago

Does Smart Fishing Spots also include west coast area off So. California or only the east coast thanks!

Luke Simonds
7 months ago
Reply to  Jeff

Only east coast so far… we hope to get your coast added at some point in the not too distant future though.


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