How To Retrieve A Berkley Gulp Shrimp Jig To Catch More Inshore Fish [VIDEO]


It’s soft plastic fishing lure time once again!

And this post is specifically focused on Berkley GULP! shrimp jigs because we’ve had many questions come in about how to work them to catch redfish, snook, trout, tarpon, and flounder (you can see the Berkley Gulp Shrimp rigging video that caused the casting and retrieve questions by clicking here).

But before we get to the “How To Retrieve A Gulp Shrimp Jig” tutorial video below, it’s extremely important to know that the retrieve is not the only important factor in catching fish on Gulp shrimp.

An equally important factor (if not more important) is the rigging of the shrimp on the jig head…

Why?a great retrieve can’t overcome a bad rigging.

Well, because a great retrieve can’t overcome a bad rigging.

Rigging A Gulp Shrimp Bait On A Jig Head

When rigging a Gulp shrimp onto a jig head, it is CRITICAL to make sure that the shrimp is straight on the hook.

Because if it has any sort of bend in the bait, or if it isn’t hooked in the center, it will helicopter underwater during the retrieve which will spook fish due to it’s an unnatural motion.

Here’s a picture of what a Gulp shrimp jig should NOT look like:

bad gulp rig
This curved shrimp will helicopter in the water… the hook went too far into the shrimp curving it upward.

And here’s a picture of how a perfectly hooked Gulp Shrimp should look like:

Gulp shrimp jig rig
This is a perfectly hooked shrimp… the soft plastic is perfectly straight, and the hook is coming out of the top.

As you can see in the above pics, the amount of plastic that the hook goes through makes a huge difference. The first picture shows a bait where the hook went too far into the plastic causing the tail to curve upward.

Always make sure that your soft plastics are properly rigged before using them.

Click here to see a post explaining exactly how to rig Gulp shrimp if you need help.

How To Retrieve A Gulp Shrimp Jig [Video]

There are many different ways to retrieve jigs, but the one that I find most effective is the “double-twitch” technique shown in the video below.

This double-twitch method comprises of making two short and quick twitches before letting the jig fall back down.

The reason I believe it works so well is because predators are always on the lookout for the injured and weak when feeding…

And this double-twitch retrieve style is most similar to an injured fish or scared shrimp, so a predator fish can’t help but to at least explore further.

Watch the video below to see exactly how to more the rod in order to maximize your strikes while using Gulp shrimp jigs.

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Here are links to the two items mentioned in the video:

  1. How To Rig A Gulp Shrimp Bait Onto A Jig Head
  2. The “Inshore Slammer” Course That Guarantees You’ll Catch More Redfish, Snook, & Trout


Gulp shrimp jigs can be an extremely effective lure to catch redfish, snook, trout, tarpon, flounder, snapper, and pretty much anything else that feeds on shrimp.

But there are two factors that must be met in order for you to get consistent results:

  1. The shrimp must be rigged properly on the jig head
  2. The retrieve should have the motion of a baitfish or shrimp in distress

Once those two factors are covered, there is no limit to the amount of fish that you’ll be able to catch without even having to waist time/money on live bait.

If you’re looking to improve your consistency on catching quality redfish, snook, and trout, then I highly recommend giving our Inshore Slammer online course a shot because it will help you catch inshore slams consistently… even comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Click here to learn about the Inshore Slammer Online Course

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Gordon Cottrill
5 years ago

Your TIP series is the best source of information I have seen on the internet.
So much there to soak up and utilize for a lifetime of fishing. The best $97.00 I’ve ever spent.

Gilbert Cortez
7 years ago

Excellent demonstration. I haved used gulp shrimp in the past and have been fairly successful. Any suggestions when in really grassy areas?

7 years ago

Excellent video. Discussed the technique, rigging importance, situation where the technique works best & details on the lure & jig weight. Everything that an angler would want to know. I fish most days each week and watch a bunch of videos as well as monitor fishing reports of Tournament Pros. Your website rocks as it is loaded with useful info and explanations as to the what, why, when, where and how. Thank you.

7 years ago

What rod/reel combos do you use for inshore? Surf?

7 years ago

Until yesterday I had never caught a fish using the gulp shrimp. I’ve tried them but never had success like I have the gulp swimming mullet. I watched this video on Friday. Saturday afternoon I followed your directions and caught a keeper flounder on my very first cast. Awesome! Thanks!


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