[Behind The Scenes] How The FWC Actually Collects Data (I Couldn’t Believe it!)


I’ve got to admit, I thought we’d witness nothing but a bunch of nerdy scientists taking water samples with beakers and test tubes…

Boy, we were wrong.

If you’ve ever wondered how the FWC (Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission) uses science and data to make their decisions to close, open or change limits on our gamefish, then you’re going to love this video.

Here’s the backstory:

A few weeks ago we had FWC Marine Biologist, Eric Weather, on the podcast to talk about how they collect data and make decisions to manage our fisheries (you can go check that out here).

After talking with Eric, I realized that their data collection system is way more intense than I thought it would be…

So after much begging, Eric was nice enough to invite Luke and me out on a data collection trip with them.

Holy baitfish!

Check out the video to see the behind the scenes footage of how the FWC collects their data.

Behind The Scenes With FWC [VIDEO]

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Is that awesome or what?

After spending a day getting to know these guys and gals, I was amazed at how much they love Florida, our environment, and our fisheries.

They’re out here several times a month walking through shark, catfish, and stingray-filled waterways…

Rain or shine, they are rounding up, measuring, and taking data on our fisheries.

They have years worth of data that helps them keep tabs on the health of our ecosystem and make decisions on regulating it.

So the next time you see someone from the FWC, make sure to thank them for what they do.

They’re not trying to bully us recreational fishermen, they’re out there every day working hard so that future generations have the same (or better!) fishing opportunities we did.

And you can help by sharing this video so that everyone can learn about the excellent service these guys provide for us.

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J. B. Hillard
3 years ago

Amazing informative video….. not many people know or understand what FWC really does in fishery science. This video is really an eye opener. I plan to show the video to our fishing club at our December meeting and have an open discussion on the conservation of fishing. Thanks so much for sharin this information.

Adam Bailey
3 years ago

That’s really cool that you guys got the opportunity to do that with them, and then share it through Salt Strong. I did some similar work in freshwater during college. It’s a lot of hard work but really interesting at the same time.

Dan Ryan
3 years ago

Looks suspiciously like WORK!!!!


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