How To Catch Loads Of Blue Crabs (Without Crab Traps)


Whoever said you needed crab traps to catch a bunch of blue crabs?

No way!

Regardless if you’ve already caught blue crabs before or if you’re looking for a fun, new on-the-water activity during these wild times, you’ll love this new video.

We’ve got Salt Strong Fishing Coach Capt. Peter Deeks and his closest friends and family showing you how to go out and catch blue crabs without crab traps.

This is a fun way to spend time on the water with friends and family (especially kids), and it’s a great alternative for bringing home dinner now that many species are currently catch-and-release only.

Just wait until you see the feast at the end of the video!

Check out the video below to learn how to catch loads of blue crabs on the flats.

How To Catch Blue Crabs [VIDEO]

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If you want to catch blue crabs, you could obviously set out crab traps and come back a few days later to see if you got anything.

But if you want to make it a more fun and adventurous experience, go out on the flats and search for them!

Find an area with clean water and use the trolling motor to slowly go around and hunt for them.

You can also bait them with things like chicken necks to bring them to you.

But be careful, their claws are pretty strong and they can get you!

Finally, the best news is that you can save a few to target big bull redfish (while you feast on the rest of the crabs)!

Have any questions about crabbing?

Let us know in the comments below!

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3 years ago

I’m loving the quality on these videos lately! Keep up the great work.

3 years ago

I like that boat, what make and model is it?

Steve Norden
3 years ago

I fish Titusville area I look for blue crabs but very seldom see any. Are there best times in month when they move up in shallow water?

Capt. Peter Deeks
3 years ago
Reply to  Steve Norden

Hey Steve!
The crabs move around the lagoon …some times are better than others. The commercial crabbers will follow the concentrations up and down the lagoon. Crabs seem to like sea grass and an area with a small amount of freshwater “runoff”…like a creek mouth or culvert.
Good luck! ????

3 years ago

Does moon phases make a difference when the crabs move up into shallow waters?

Sam Craparo
3 years ago

Blue crabs are by far my favorite seafood. Caught tons in 60s & 70s in Tampa Bay
Haven’t seen many while fishing lately.

Capt. Peter Deeks
3 years ago
Reply to  Sam Craparo

Yeah they’re one of my favorites too!!! We went a while with low crab numbers…but there seems to be a real increase on the east coast over the last year.

Uncle Bob
3 years ago

Great FUN……………… Love the Music………… what part of the state.? though you were going to show cane poling
What a Refresssshing Video Bob Fla

Capt. Peter Deeks
3 years ago
Reply to  Uncle Bob

Thanks Uncle Bon!!!
We were in the Cocoa area of the Indian River Lagoon.

Jeff Meyers
3 years ago

Brought back recent memories of crabbing in MD. The kids set up a 600’ trot line with 100 baits attached. We went back & forth with their pontoon scooping up a cooler full in a couple hours. You should see their cleaning process, all done on the water. MY QUESTION: since your branching out to other types of fishing…. even before moving to SWFL, I’ve been trying to get info on recreational shrimping here. Care to share this here in the Cape Coral area? Seeing all the oyster beds in the area has me wondering about getting them too.

Robert Bigelow
3 years ago

That’s pretty cool. You guys killed it!

Capt. Peter Deeks
3 years ago
Reply to  Robert Bigelow

Thanks Robert! It’s been so much fun ????

Jerry Craft
3 years ago

Looks like a lot of fun! We normally going crabbing with wading boots. I like the boat idea, it looks like you could cover more ground in last time.

Capt. Peter Deeks
3 years ago
Reply to  Jerry Craft

Hey Jerry! Yeah wading is effective but the boat allows you to hit a bunch of spots fast for sure ????…seems like lately there are a bunch of little hot spots and then big “dead” areas.

3 years ago

It looks fun. I notice most of your videos are in Florida waters. Unfortunately, here in SC not much hope of sight crabby like you are doing.

Capt. Peter Deeks
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Yeah baiting them in with a string or trap is best bet there…. super fun also!!! …and you have the best oysters ????

K Odom
3 years ago

Looks awesome i love crabbing but have never done it this way . Can you share your location please as I would love to do this with my family

Capt. Peter Deeks
3 years ago
Reply to  K Odom

You can do this anywhere there is sea grass and clear enough water. Also check shallow dock pilings, mangrove roots, and oyster bars ????. It helps if you can find where the commercial trappers are trapping (lots of trap buoys) and then go inside (shallow) of them.

We have been in the Indian River mostly.


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