How To Quickly Determine The Direction Of Current


Current flow is a crucial piece to positioning yourself in the best spot to catch fish.

And if you don’t know how to decide which direction the current is flowing, you run the risk of not presenting your baits properly.

So watch the video below to see how to quickly and easily determine the direction of the current.

How To Determine The Current Flow [VIDEO]

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To determine the direction of current flow, find a nearby channel marker and look for an eddy.

You really just need to find a spot that has current wrapping around a piece of structure.

This could be a channel marker, a bridge piling, crab trap buoys, or mangrove limbs.

And waves are not current, they are caused by the wind.

The eddies are caused by the current.

And if you’re not seeing an eddy and it’s not noticeable then the current is not really moving that fast.

In that case, you won’t need to plan your positioning for fishing according to current; just pay attention to the wind.


luke simonds salt strong redfish

Determining which direction the current is flowing is pretty simple if you can find a piece of sturdy structure that has water moving around it.

But don’t confuse waves with current.

Do you have any tips on determining current flow?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Steven Free
1 year ago

Or if your that slow in the brain and still can’t figure it out you could just turn off your motor or put it in neutral and or stop paddling in your yak or sup and wherever you start drifting to obviously that’s where the tide is going that is of coarse unless it’s very windy then looking for eddies would be key in finding tidal directions thanks for all you do😊

Brian Kelly
1 year ago

Would an anchor pin be substantial enough to use as an indicator?


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