How To Find The Best Wade Fishing Spots (LIVE Video)


It’s wade fishing time!

Now that many boat ramps are closed, in this week’s live podcast, Luke and I decided to do a little wade fishing to show you that you can still catch fish even without a boat.

The good thing about wade fishing is that, unlike in a boat, your chances of spooking off a school of fish is very slim.

You’re much more stealthy and can pick off several fish from a school without them knowing that you’re there.

And just because you’re wading, instead of fishing from a boat or kayak, doesn’t mean the fish will be in different spots.

Since a cold front recently came through, we knew that the fish would be in the deeper water, so we chose an area where there were some flats with edges that we could walk to.

In this live podcast episode, you’ll learn:

  • how to find the best wade fishing spots
  • what equipment you’ll need to catch fish and be comfortable (and safe)
  • the best tides for wade fishing
  • how to fish bridges
  • and much more

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How To Find The Best Wade Fishing Spots [VIDEO]

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How To Find The Best Wade Fishing Spots [PODCAST]

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Even though boat ramps may be closed, you can still catch tons of fish by wade fishing.

The fish don’t change their habits just because you’re in the water and not on a boat, so fish the same types of spots where you would if you were in a kayak or boat.

In this instance, it was right after a cold front, so the fish were in the deeper canals and troughs, so we waded the edge of the flat and cast to the deeper water.

Have any questions about wade fishing?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Jim Silverman
3 years ago

I heard you mention Wader Dave. I watched a video of Joe and Dave and went out and bought a pair of safe solid boots like Dave was wearing. Trouble is I weigh only 159 lbs. They were cumbersome and got stuck on bottom even in sand. I was thrown off balance trying to walk in them. I almost fell in the water just below waist deep several times. I definitely felt unsafe wearing them. I then found a pair of ankle height rubber shoes in Walmart ($7.00) that were plenty safe (thick sole) from bottom dangers and are much safer to walk in in waist deep water. If you do a review of wader shoes keep this in mind.

James Carlson
4 years ago

We need that review on wading boots!

Ryan Jacobs
4 years ago

They ARE NOT fanny packs….it’s a Tactical Accessory!

4 years ago

Love the pod cast. Unrelated question; have you used or reviewed a G-Rod made with graphene? Is it really the next best thing?

Bernard Kosicki
4 years ago

This was an excellent podcast guys. I end up doing mostly wade fishing when I’m in FL and this was very helpful.
Thanks!! – Bernie

4 years ago

I have always loved wade fishing. Even when we were on a boat, we would get to a spot, anchor up, and then jump in the water and wade fish. My old Poppy used to say “if you want to catch more fish…, you need to get in the water with them(fish).” We were taught to always wear long pants when wade fishing because sharks will bite “white.” So if you have white legs under the water you might get bit. It’s always a little un-nerving when a shark comes up and bites off half your speckled trout from your floating stringer. Also, be sure and try your best to drag your feet or shuffle as you walk to keep from accidentally stepping on a stingray. If you happen to catch a stingray or small to medium size shark while wade fishing, the best thing to do, if possible, is to reel it up to the tip of your rod. Once you have it at the tip of your rod you can leave the fish in the water and control it better as you walk to shore and try to safely get the hook out. In my opinion there is nothing better than Wade fishing with a live shrimp under a weighted popping cork!! The rush you get when that cork suddenly disappears because it’s getting pulled underwater by a big ol trout or red…., well.., it’s just awesome!!! Luke and Joe, y’all should do a quick video on that type of fishing (live shrimp under weighted cork). I bet people would love it!! Thanks you guys! Love what y’all are doing!!!!

Gerald Dexter
4 years ago

Thanks Guys

Richard Fiorentino
4 years ago

Probably better to use the ZMan slam shady (less lure changes)

Gary Hartge
4 years ago

Great video guys as always. Here is an issue some guidance would be appreciated; I have had a place on the ICW in Flagler Beach for about a year. Supposedly there is/was great wade fishing from my place south to highbridge road, about a mile I guess. None of the old guys wade fish any more because of alligators! Have you or wader Dave ever encountered this issue? An 8-10 ft alligator when I am knee deep in water isn’t something that excites me very much. Thanks!

Gary Hartge
4 years ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds

Exactly! I grew up in Brevard county on Merritt Island and skied a ton in Sykes Creek. Like you, I saw many gators. Never an issue, but wading … I think I will stick to my skiff and drift down ????

Anthony Bishop
4 years ago

Good stuff, google maps is your friend!


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