How To Identify Ideal Speckled Trout Feeding Zones [VIDEO]

By: Joseph Simonds on November 24, 2017
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ideal speckled trout spots

It’s Trout Time!

We recently put together the most in-depth online speckled trout course that has ever been filmed.

The course is taught by Capt. C.A. Richardson, and it’s a perfect fit for any serious inshore angler who wants to take their trout game up a level.

Even C.A. (who has been filming Flats Class TV and doing Flats Class live events for over a decade) said it’s the most he’s ever revealed about trout all in one place.

And since we know that not every single inshore angler will qualify or be a fit to get his entire private trout course, we wanted to put a few videos together that everyone could enjoy.

The first video we have for you is all about identifying the ideal trout spots.

And not only does C.A. walk you through everything you should be looking for, he also shows what an ideal spot looks like from the satellite maps.

The video is live now.

And if you want to …

  • Start catching more trout in the Next 30 Days
  • Gain the same pre-trip planning techniques the pros use
  • Gain an understanding of where trout will be feeding YEAR-ROUND
  • Make the Most of Your Valuable Fishing Time
  • Discover the best lures for catching gator trout

Then make sure to watch the video and see if you are fit for the private online trout course.

Important Notes:

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  4. Finally, you will get the chance to grab a copy of C.A.’s trout course without risking a penny (at the lowest price ever)

Click here or the image below to opt-in and get the four videos.

ideal seatrout feeding zones


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