How You Can Catch More Inshore Slams In Just 3 Hours Guaranteed!

By: Joseph Simonds on April 27, 2016
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Please read these five important questions before continuing on…

  1. Do you want to catch more inshore fish like Redfish, Snook, and Speckled Trout in less time?
  2. Do you value your time?
  3. Are you one of those that understands that time is the one thing that we have less of every single day?
  4. Are you willing to spend a small amount of money to save countless hours of time?
  5. In particular, are you willing to spend the cost of a few lures to catch more inshore fish Guaranteed (or you get your money back)?

If you said “Yes” to these five questions, then please continue reading because I am about to reveal to you a solution to the following issues we all face as inshore anglers.

On the other hand, if you said “No”, then this blog post is probably not for you…

If you are still with me, here are just a few things you will learn when you start this “Risk-Free” Online Inshore Fishing Course today:

  • You’ll learn exactly what equipment you really need to catch consistent inshore slams (and just as important, what fishing tackle is a waste of money)
  • You’ll learn exactly what knots, what hooks, and what lures you really need
  • You’ll also learn the precise steps on how to rig all of them to catch more fish
  • You’ll learn how to never have to worry about catching live bait again
  • Most importantly, you learn exactly how and where to find inshore fish at any time of the year in your back yard.
  • And we don’t waste any time… the entire step-by-step online fishing course takes 3 hours to complete… and you can watch it, rewind, and review any time you want
  • Best of all, the online fishing course in GUARANTEED! If for any reason whatsoever you don’t feel you got incredible value, or if you aren’t catching more inshore fish in less time, we will gladly refund 100% of your money with no questions asked.

But first, let’s go over a few questions you are probably asking yourself right now.

How 3 Hours Can Help You Catch More Inshore Fish

how to catch redfish

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of having to watch long, drawn out fishing shows in order to just get one good fishing tip.

Even worse is that most of the so-called “fishing tips on TV” (and even in many of the fishing magazines) always seem to leave out a few steps… or all of the steps in some cases…

In other words, it’s rare to find step-by-step, simple to understand, and easy to replicate fishing tips as an inshore angler these days.

It’s even harder to find solid, easy to replicate fishing tips without sitting through a ton of advertisements and fluff that you don’t really care to see…

And don’t even get me started about watching a full-length fishing video with a catchy headline and thumbnail on YouTube where anglers like you and I don’t learn a single thing.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Of course it does… and I feel you pain!

And what about everyone telling you that you must have live bait in order to catch consistent inshore fish?

Or what about all of these big box retailers carrying so much tackle that it’s almost impossible to cut through the clutter and crummy lures to know what you should be using?

Well, I’m here to tell you that there is an easier way to catch more inshore fish in less time…

And you don’t need live bait to do it…

You certainly don’t need most of the tackle and new fishing lures that you see advertised in the fishing shows and fishing magazines…

Best of all, you can leapfrog your fishing buddies in terms of how quickly you find and catch fish in just 3 hours!

Why 3 hours?

Three hours is the approximate time it takes to get through the entire step-by-step online fishing course called, “The Inshore Slammer”.

It is the only online fishing course that is guaranteed to help you catch more redfish, snook, and gator trout in less time or you get all of your money back.

  • There are NO ads
  • There is NO wasted time
  • There is NO fluff or sponsored content
  • There is nothing but valuable fishing tips PROVEN to help you catch more inshore fish in less time
  • And it’s video based so you can actually see exactly how to rig and use all equipment (much more efficient than trying to learn from books or magazines)

It’s broken down into 4 easy to navigate modules (each module has numerous step-by-step videos), and you can see some of the questions and answers that your fellow anglers have had in the comment section under each video.

The cool part is that the entire 3-hour course is taught by inshore “Fish Whisperer” Luke Simonds (co-founder of Salt Strong).

Luke started off as a bass angler like many of us, moved on to master inshore fishing shortly after high school, and has competed in, and even won many inshore fishing tournaments in Florida (even when using artificial lures while competitors were using live bait).

He is the best teacher I have been around as he is incredibly patient, he makes sure to cover every single step in detail, and he only teaches what he has proven on the water himself.

Luke specializes in catching consistent inshore fish with the following techniques that he teaches in his course:

  • How to catch more fish in less time using artificial lures only
  • How to simplify your tackle (thus saving you money)
  • Exactly how to find hidden honey holes in your favorite fishing areas (many of the hidden spots that you probably didn’t even know existed)

Why This Online Fishing Course Can Save You Time & Money

CCA florida star fishing touramment

Inshore fishing teacher Luke Simonds with a nice redfish he caught using an artificial lure

Here are just a few reasons that so many weekend warrior anglers (and even a few guides) have told us it was a no-brainer to invest in the “Inshore Slammer” online fishing course:

  • You will learn how to consistently find the areas with the most feeding fish based on tides, weather, and season
  • You will save a minimum of 3-5 times the cost of the course in future fishing gear since you will know exactly what you need (and what is a rip-off)
  • You will know exactly how to properly rig your equipment for any given situation
  • You will never overpay for fishing equipment again
  • You will know exactly how to find hidden areas inshore fish are hiding in near you
  • You will never have to worry about finding live bait again so you will be able to get fishing quicker while your friends spend the first hour (or more) searching for bait
  • You will be able to leave the cast net at home and still catch more fish
  • You will be able to impress your friends and family with how many more fish you are catching
  • The entire course costs about the same as a few lures.

And much more…

The BIG Promise

  1. You will be able to catch more inshore fish in less time after you go through and start implementing what you learn in this online fishing course called the “Inshore Slammer”.
  2. You will save money on fishing tackle with your newly found insider knowledge because you will know precisely what lures, rods, reels, and line really work, and you will know which ones are a waste of money.
  3. You will save tons of time by not having to figure out all of these tips through years of trial and error.
  4. You can see results from this online course regardless if you are an experienced angler participating in tournaments or a beginning weekend warrior. We’ve even had fishing guides go through the Inshore Slammer course and see results.
  5. If you aren’t 100% satisfied for any reason, you can get 100% of your money back anytime in the first 30 days.

Ready To Sign Up Risk-Free Now?

Then click here to enroll in the Inshore Slammer Online Fishing Course.

You will have a full 30-days to ask for a full refund if you aren’t 100% satisfied.

Still not sure about this risk-free inshore fishing course?

Here are some testimonials from your fellow anglers that have gone through the online course.

Testimonials From The Online Fishing Course

the salt strong story

Luke with a Monster Trout in a Fishing Tournament near Sebastian Inlet

“Luke, I am somewhat new to this red fishing thing (just moved to JAX FL about 6 months ago from Australia, originally from Idaho) and have been out trying for them like crazy. I have caught a few in the last few months, maybe 10 or so and only 1 slot fish ever. After studying your information for the last couple of days I went out today (after a cold front) – I had 6 spots picked out, had my 3” new penny gulp shrimp, and was mentally ready with all the new information. Well, guess what – first 30 minutes I had a slot red. 10 minutes later another slot red. I had so much fun I kept fishing and letting them go – I had 5 reds in about 3 hours. Most fun fishing since moving to FL.”

Jason – Jacksonville, FL

“Luke is a very knowledgeable guy, I had the opportunity to fish with him after signing up for the Inshore Plus membership and it was an eye-opening experience. His approach to keeping things simple yet effective is flat out productive. Using the exact lure set up he talks about in the video I was able to land a ~33-inch snook from my kayak. And within 30 minutes had another (unknown) fish hit so hard my leader to braid knot failed (my fault for tying it sloppy in a hurry). I used to spend too much time and energy on “what to fish with” and this site helps you realize that these guys pretty much give you that answer. Once they cut the “fat” from your tackle box, they give you the tools to find the fish.”

Josh V – St. Petersburg, FL

“I have learned more for watching you videos than the guides I have been with.”

Robert S. – New Mexico

“I feel like your site helped me catch more and bigger fish than folks who have lived here a long time or that fish a more “traditional” way. Not that it’s only about catching more and bigger fish but I think it proves you guys know what you’re talking about. Y’all were really the only guys to tailor your information around fishing artificials. That was exactly what I was looking for.”

Sam Lynch – St. Peterburg, FL

“For me, the Inshore Slammer course has been a powerful tool in helping me understand flats fishing. Using the information from the course combined with my own knowledge and experiences on the water has produced some great fishing days. I’d have to say I’ve been catching about 98% of all of my reds on the lures you recommend. Your map tips opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn’t notice before. Also, I never thought to use different satellite images to compare to. That showed me even more things that I was missing out on.”

Tony A. – Orlando, FL (fishing Indian River Lagoon)

“Purchased the Inshore Slammer video course from Salt Strong yesterday and it paid off immediately! Three tips I implemented today made a huge difference. 24 inch speckled trout and three redfish one over slot. Location is still key but don’t underestimate this cheap $7 chance to change a skunk day to a slam day. I almost hit the slam but didn’t see a snook all day. I figured I knew most things on the course and i did but 3 things made a BIG difference. Thanks Simonds Bros!”

Jerod P – Tampa, FL

This has officially become the most impactful product I have ever purchased, a spot previously occupied by my iPhone.
I started watching your videos about 3 weeks ago and became hooked. I couldn’t get enough. I finally made the leap and purchased the Inshore Slammer Course three days ago. I figured I couldn’t lose, because the free videos I had watched were already worth much more than the price of the entire course.

So, I watched all of the videos in marathon sessions and couldn’t wait to get out on the water. The weather was a little nasty for a couple of days, and I was shaking. I went out and bought a few of the recommended plastics, searched Mapquest and Google for likely spots, and put new braid on the reel.

Last night we had a break in the weather, so I decided walk out onto the dock and throw a few to the fish. I caught 8 trout in the first 10 casts! I got so excited I decided to get up early this morning and take out the kayak. I had the most productive day of fishing ever.

I caught so many trout (I lost count around 25 and probably had at least that many more), I caught my second and third redfish of all time, a good sized flounder, some mangrove snapper, and to top it off, the biggest snook I have ever caught, 29 inches.

I cannot express how grateful I am. You guys are the best.

Thanks Salt Strong

Trey – Florida

Hey Luke,
I actually ran into you at the boat ramp off of cockroach bay road earlier today. I was meeting a few friends who were back home from college and we were going out fishing – they were missing the Florida water and sunshine. (Sidenote, I never thought I would get these people on a boat to fish because of how not made for it they are.) Well, I woke up god-awfully early this morning and bought 3 dozen shrimp at the Ruskin bait and tackle shop and even threw a cast net at some small bait fish. I have never been to cockroach bay before and just decided I was probably good to wing it. When they arrived, we noisily got on the boat and motored off. For the first hour and a half we burned through about a dozen shrimp ($5 worth) and a couple small bait fish I managed to grab with absolutely no return. I tried chumming and switching spots but nothing was working. Now, according to my friends, I’m the kid that lives to fish. I do it all the time, from Tarpon in Boca Grande to small bass in a pond. So, as you could imagine, it was pretty embarrassing for me to be sitting out there with them saying “fish should be here, it’s high tide and we’re at the mangroves, there’s perfect structure here, etc…” Well, one of my friends trying to be cool said “do something different” and so I did. I got out my soft plastics (root beer stinky fingers shad on a chartreuse jig head for murky water where we were) and I pulled up Google maps on my phone. I did what you guys said to do and picked 5 good places according to shifting tide, sunlight, and wind coverage. We started working along these five places and as the day progressed, we boated what seemed like an entire school of snook, a few trout, a lady fish, 2 flounder (1 was even a keeper), and I found my redfish for the day. I got 2 people who have never cast a rod to start catching multiple fish on artificials to the point that they asked me to do it again. Not to mention that it was during winter after a cold morning rain. And on top of it, I saved my dignity amongst my peers while having an awesome time on the water.

I’m not telling you all of this because I think that it’s necessarily something to brag about for me – I just wanted to share this story with you because I think it is important that you and your brother know that what you do is awesome and incredibly helpful. Today was living and breathing proof. I was at the same boat ramp fishing for the same fish and managed to work out a great day of fishing and even spread the fishing spirit with people who didn’t have it already. I haven’t even taken the big course yet but the things y’all do on your website (both videos and tips pages) basically have proven that what I was doing before was wrong and you guys definitely have it figured out – which helps out people like me immensely. Like I said, what you guys do it awesome, and I’d  like to thank you for saving my behind today. Keep up the good work (it doesn’t go to waste.)

God bless (and pa-pow),


PS – My uncle loved the no bananas on board shirt, especially because he is the only charter captain on the face of the earth that brings bananas on board purposely and still manages to win tournaments all the time. Great stuff!

CL – Tampa, FL

Are You Ready To Start Catching More Inshore Fish?

how to catch snook and redfish

Luke with a lunker snook caught on an artificial lure at night

So are you ready?

Are you ready to save time and money on your fishing habit?

Are you ready to start catching more inshore fish in less time?

Don’t be wasteful with your precious inshore fishing time any longer.

Sign up for this “Risk-Free” online fishing course for inshore anglers and start catching more redfish, snook, and trout in less time.

Start impressing your fishing buddies with your new skills.

Save time.

Save money.

And start passing on your newfound fishing knowledge to help others so that you can become a mentor to the next generation.

Click here to sign up for the Inshore Slammer Online Fishing Course now.

You have nothing to lose as we personally guarantee you will catch more fish or you don’t pay.


If at any time in the first 30 days you don’t think this online course is of tremendous value, then simply email us for a full refund.

No questions asked.

No hassling.

We don’t want anyone’s money that doesn’t catch more fish in less time.

Sign up now to see what so many anglers are saying has changed the way they fish forever.

Click here now.

P.S. – We’ve already raised the price on this online fishing course twice because anglers have told us we should due to the immense value. Get in now so that you pay the current rate. Even when we add new videos or segments, you will get those completely for free as part of your membership.

P.P.S. – If you think any of your inshore angler friends might be a fit for this, please Tag them or Share this with them. You Rock! Pa-POW!

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I belong to a couple of your schools and need my login passwords as I cant get pn anything now

Luke Simonds

Please send an email to so that we can know which email you used when you registered (this comment is showing up as Anonymous for your name and email).

Farris Powell

Is there a general rule of thumb about the size of hooks to use when changing out all lures from treble hooks to single hooks?

Ira Warder

you charged my acct ,14 hrs ago. where is my tutorial or instruction??? it’s supposed to be immediately available.

Luke Simonds

Hey Ira, thanks so much for joining the Redfish Mastery family! I just checked your account, and it appears as if your Welcome email from us may be stuck in your Spam folder. I reset your account, so you should receive another email from “” that contains your login information and directions on how to get started.

The title of the email with your login directions is “Welcome To The Inshore Mastery Course”. It was sent this morning at 8:53 am.

Let me know if you don’t see it.

Note: You may want to add “” to your Contacts list in your email account to ensure that the future course updates make it into your Inbox.

Gary Robinson

Is this course something that I can go back and look at more than once or is it a video that plays out and once done you cant go back? Just wondering as it is hard for me to find three hours to spend on something all at once.

Luke Simonds

Yes, you can watch the videos as many times as you’d at your leisure any time you want… and they can be accessed on any device so you can even get touch-ups while from a cell phone while out on the water if ever needed.

Gary Robinson

Thanks for the reply, I live in Michigan but winter in Palm Bay. I will order the video now watch it and review it when I get to Florida.

David LaPointe

I think I would like to pay a membership fee that includes access to the tutorials and such. Maybe something similar to BASS. Also I would like to see your presence in every bait shop and all of the fishing magazines.
For years I drove all over the country and sailed out of ports all over the world. Do you know what I saw everywhere I went? Salt Life stickers. They are everywhere and to be honest with you I was so sick and tired of seeing them. Then one magical day about a year or more ago I saw Salt Strong on facebook for the first time. To say I was thrilled would be the understatement of the world. Once I visited the site I was Hooked and I know that anyone who visits your site or that is exposed to your product or literature will also be hooked.
Lets replace the salt life sticker with The Salt Strong sticker everywhere.
Live Strong and Prosper

Luke Simonds

Hey David, thanks so much for making time to leave the nice comment on this post.

We’re currently building an upgrade to our “Insider” membership platform that will show our top fishing spots as well as candid feedback on trending products so that you’ll know which ones are good, and which ones are not needed.

I’ll be sure to notify you once the new platform goes live.

Thanks so much for your continued support!

Eugene Lorenzo

I want to take some of the inshore coarse but i see alot of Technic for Florida all sand were as Texas, my main fishing area is Texas city dike and Galveston TX rollover pass a lot of rocks strong currents and shallow waters but you can catch monster fish but i am going through a $100 worth of tackle a month i have caught a few monsters but have lost more to rocks and crabs eating my live croakers up i just started fishing again 6 months ago miss living in Florida and the fishing need a texas city area Fishing buddy i am going to the dike for the weekend i want to earn my go pro lol

Luke Simonds

The course we designed for Florida anglers because that is where I’ve utilized the tactics/strategies and know they work. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many anglers from other states have reported success stories from taking this course… from Texas all the way up to Maryland.

What I’ve learned from the feedback is that a fish is a fish is a fish… meaning that the same species will behave in very similar patterns in all regions.

So I recommend giving the course a shot. And if you somehow aren’t 100% thrilled that you took it, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll give a full refund.

Fish On!


Just what I needed to know. Thanks yall..