Memories That Matter: The Greatest Gift My Mother Gave Me (Joey Randazzo)

For anyone who has to go through the worst, it always helps to find things that help you feel the best.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. 

For the past month, I haven’t been on social media and I’ve been spending a lot of time on the water.

I lost my mom at the end of September, so fishing and being on the water has been how I’ve been getting through it.

My mom wasn’t really my fishing partner, per se, but she was my biggest fan.

She supported me when I wanted to spend time at the water as a kid, and as I grew up.

She could always be happy just watching me be happy with the rod in my hand, and being in the moment. 

If I caught a fish, she wasn’t excited about the fish like I was; it was different for her.

She was excited to see the smile on my face.

She wanted to know all about my catch, because that is what made me excited, and she would relish my achievements.

And on those days that I didn’t catch fish, she was just as happy feeding the squirrels saltine crackers while I kept throwing “the last cast”.

She knew fishing made me happy.

It was where I found joy and that was enough for her.

She supported me even when I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

Supporting me even when she may not have had the vision I did when I wanted to start my own project boat; helping me buy one piece or another. 

When the time came for me to grow wings and go fishing on my own, she would always be sure she knew where I was and that I was being safe.

She always checked on me after my trips to make sure I’d made it safe and in one piece before asking how the fishing was because that’s who she was. 

It has been tough the past couple of months.

Things are different, and it’s a new chapter.

But the one constant thing that I’ve been able to hold on to, is fishing.

The water is where I go to get in touch, and like my mom, just be in the moment.

I’ve been able to find some peace and comfort out here on the water.

It’s where I can go and know that she’s still with me.

She’s still checking on me to make sure I’m safe, and she’s still smiling at my catches.

But now she’s doing it from above.

Despite the tough time, I’m going to be alright.

“A man can’t be defined by anything but himself.”

I know she’s still with me every time I go out there.

I know because I was even able to nab a little Snook exactly where I spread my Mom’s ashes.

A little something nice to remember.  

Hug Those You Love.

– Joey R.

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Jason Vermeulen
1 year ago

Touching tribute, my brother passed may 1st 2020, on 2 hr Drive to coast every weekend I talk to him an tell him the gameplan as if he was still here, gone but never forgotten , beautiful memories

Matt Stevens
2 years ago

Joey, I’m sorry for your loss brother. This was an awesome way to honor and remember your mom.

Brett Laws
2 years ago

Thank you for sharing, Joey! So sorry for your loss. Time heals all wounds.

Mark Ethridge
2 years ago

So sorry for your loss Joey. This was a beautiful post and tribute to your mom.

Mario Relvini
2 years ago

Nice tribute Joey! Sounds like a special woman!

Barry Nicholson
2 years ago

What a beautiful tribute, Joey! There’s nothing like a mother’s love for her child. Thank you for sharing.

Luke Simonds
2 years ago

So sorry for your loss Joey!

Jeffrey Honeycutt
2 years ago

I have the same relationship with my mom and like you, I don’t take it for granted either. Thanks for reminding me of that. So sorry for your loss, Joey.


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