MirrOlure Suspending Crankbait Review [Top Pros, Cons & Rigging Tips]


One of the most popular crankbaits for inshore anglers is the MirrOlure MirrOlip Suspending Crankbait.

This crankbait mimics a mullet or similar baitfish and wobbles back and forth when retrieving it.

The MirrOlure Suspending Crankbait is a good option for targeting fish around structure and in depths of about 3-15′.

After using this lure consistently for a while and catching some good fish with it, I wanted to give you my unbiased review of this lure.

In this review, I tell you my top pros and cons for the MirrOlure Suspending Crankbait and show an important tip for rigging this lure up.

You can see the full review in the video at the bottom of the page.

Note: We are not affiliated with any fishing lure companies. All our reviews are completely unbiased and independent. If you’ve used this lure, let us know what you thought of it in the comments!

MirrOlure Suspending Crankbait Specs

MirrOlip Suspending Crankbait

This section goes over the specs of the MirrOlip Suspending Crankbait, which are the following:

  • Model: L30MR
  • Length: 3 3/4″
  • Weight: 1/2 oz
  • Water Depth Range: 3-5 feet

The MirrOlip Suspending Crankbait comes in six different color variations.

The lure is $7.99 on the MirrOlure website.

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Top Pros & Cons Of The MirrOlip Suspending Crankbait

MirrOlure Suspending Crankbait

In this section, I go over the top pros and cons that I’ve found for the MirrOlure Suspending Crankbait.


The pros of this lure are:

1. Comes With Good Hooks

I’m not a huge fan of the treble hooks that come on many of the MirrOlure lures, however, the MirrOlip Suspending Crankbait comes with good quality treble hooks that perform better than gray/silver ones that usually come standard on their hard baits.

2. Good Action

The MirrOlip Suspending Crankbait has really good action in the water that is enticing to predator fish. On a straight retrieve, it has a nice side-to-side wobble. You can also work it in an erratic manner by using a twitch-twitch-pause retrieve.

3. Can Be Worked At Varying Depths

The way this lure is designed allows you to work it at varying depths depending on what position your rod tip is in. If you want it to run near the surface, point your rod tip up. If you want it to run deeper, you can point your rod tip down into the water.


While I did not find many, here are the cons of this lure:

1. Hooks Rust Easily

Although I like the hooks that come with the MirrOlip Crankbait because of their performance on the water, they can rust fairly easily compared to other hooks. You need to make sure you thoroughly wash these hooks after every saltwater use.

2. Floats To The Surface

When the lure is not being retrieved, it will slowly float to the surface. This can be problematic if you’re trying to keep the lure down toward fish that are holding on the bottom.

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MirrOlure MirrOlip Suspending Crankbait Video Review

In this video, I give you my full review of the MirrOlure Suspending Crankbait. I show you my top rigging tip for this lure as well.

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MirrOlip Suspending Crankbait

This is a solid lure choice for suspending crankbaits. It has a good profile, action and quality hooks that will keep you connected to fish.

There are a few flaws to this lure, which you should consider before buying it.

Remember, all our reviews are independent and unbiased. We are not affiliated with any fishing lure companies.

If you have any questions about this lure or review, let us know in the comments below.

Tight Lines!

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Steven Free
5 years ago

Wow that’s kind of weird I always thought if it says suspending it stays at that particular depth it dove to in fact on the mirror dine suspending twitchbait I don’t recall it going to the surface at all even if the lure was not being retrieved I don’t know but yes I do imagine the density of the water would have somewhat of a contributor to the rising of the lure anyways thanks for the report and all you do????

5 years ago

Great bait, I always remove split rings, thanks Tony.


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