Can You Use Mud Minnows For Offshore Fishing?


Can you use mud minnows for offshore fishing?

Do you think they will catch as many fish offshore as they do inshore?

Keep scrolling to find out if you should bring mud minnows out on your next fishing trip!!!

Mud Minnows For Offshore Fishing

how to rig mud minnows

Many anglers choose to fish offshore structure for redfish, flounder, and black sea bass using bucktail jigs or other forms of live bait.

Weedless spoon jigs have even been known to work for black sea bass hanging around offshore reefs.

Carolina Rig

As far as rigging choices, we rely on the standard Carolina Rig for offshore live bait fishing.

Depending on where you are fishing, egg sinker weights may vary.

But, your rig should look standard to a normal Carolina Rig starting with your egg sinker, then leading to a bead and the swivel connected to 40-lb monofilament tipped with your bait hook.

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Mud Minnows For Offshore Fishing [VIDEO]

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how to catch mud minnows in a minnow trap

Mud minnows are definitely a useful bait even for offshore fishing trips to target black sea bass and MONSTER redfish.

By using a simple Carolina Rig, you can have yourself a great day fishing underwater reefs or other structure.

Be sure to use the proper leader line to make sure you have enough protection against abrasion from structure.

Do you have any more questions on mud minnow rigs for offshore fishing?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Edwin Ramirez
1 year ago

Awesome day! Thanks for reporting. Are you catching your own mud minnows?

Wayne Smith
1 year ago

What was the depth?


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