Mullet Toss Competition “Salt Strong Style” – Tampa, FL [Video]

By: Joseph Simonds on September 7, 2016
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Ever participate in a “Mullet Toss?”

For us, Mullet Tossing all started back in 2007 when we were having a party on Little Gasparilla Island, Florida.

There was a nasty storm out on the Gulf and we had been pounded with rain and wind for the last 24 hours.

Finally, the rain slowed down and we headed outside to have some fun… but no one could agree on what we were going to do since it was too choppy to go out on the boat.

My brother Luke had heard about tossing dead mullet as far as you can from an event that is held at the Flora-Bama Beach Lounge (called the World Famous Annual Interstate Mullet Toss), and we all agreed to give it a try…

mullet toss competition

A girl kissing her dead mullet before tossing it at Flora-Bama Mullet Toss

Except we decided to add a twist…

You see, there are essentially two ways to have a Mullet Toss Competition:

  1. Distance: throwing a slippery, dead mullet as far as you (this is what Flora-Bama does)
  2. Accuracy: throwing a slippery, dead mullet into a 5-gallon bucket from 20-30 feet away

Since Flora-Bama already had the biggest mullet throw distance competition, we decided to do our mullet toss based on accuracy.

So we lined up a 5-gallon bucket in the sand, drew an official Mullet Toss line about 25-30 feet away from the bucket, and started taking turns throwing a dead mullet into the bucket.

Here is a picture of a mullet in mid-air during our 2010 Mullet Toss event that was moved to Boca Grande.

mullet toss competition

Mullet Tosser Chris Prevost in mid-toss

How did it go?

Let’s just say it wasn’t as easy as it looks.

It’s not that hard to get the mullet near the bucket, but to get a “hole in one” where the mullet actually sticks in the bucket isn’t easy at all.

So when we had our first Salt Strong family event here in Tampa, it only made sense to show the Fishing Tribe the “Mullet Toss”.

And what an event it was!

mullet toss competition salt strong

Salt Strong angler tossing a mullet at the bucket

We had two different mullet toss events that day: A mullet toss for the kids, and one for the adults.

Ironically the kids were much more accurate than the adults…

Check out some of the footage from our awesome event at Picnic Island Park here in Tampa.


The Mullet Toss Competition [Video]

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A mullet toss is a fun event that the entire family can enjoy.

Regardless if you are tossing a mullet as far as you can or trying to have it land in a bucket for accuracy, a Mullet Toss never gets old.

Give it a try at your next party.

Disclaimer: No live mullet were harmed during the filming of this Mullet Toss.

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