How To Keep Your Anchor From Getting Stuck On The Bottom

Have you ever gotten your anchor stuck on the bottom?

It’s never a good situation because it’s bad for the environment and nobody wants to waste money on a new anchor.

So to help you avoid this, we’ve got Capt. Hollywood here to share his special “reef trip” setup with us.

It’s a sneaky way of attaching your anchor to keep it from getting stuck on the bottom and it works with all kinds of anchors.

See how to use so you can stop losing anchors it in the video below.

The Reef Trip Anchor Setup [VIDEO]

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When fishing around bridges, reefs, ledges, or any other areas where there’s structure on the bottom, you always run the risk of getting your anchor caught.

This is where the reef trip comes in.

Here’s how to set it up in two steps:

Step 1: Attach your anchor line to the front side of your anchor using a shackle

Step 2: Run the chain along the shaft and tie it to the top with a few wraps of 100 lb. leader.

You can also use zip ties or rigging wire, but Hollywood’s found that six wraps of 100 lb. leader works just fine.

The goal of this is for the line to be strong enough to anchor your boat and keep it in place, but weak enough so that if your anchor is stuck and you put your boat in gear, it pops off and you can pull the anchor from the front side to get it unsnagged.


dropping a boat anchor

The reef trip has been great for keeping Hollywood’s crew from losing anchors on the bottom.

They pop it a few times per year, but have never lost an anchor with the reef trip tied on.

Have any questions about this setup?

Let us know down in the comments.

And if you’re in the Keys and want to go out with Capt. Hollywood’s crew, you can find them at

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Neal Hagood
1 year ago

Capt. Hollywood
That is a Great Tip!
Glad you shared it with the Group!
I have a tiny version of the same anchor I use in my kayak & canoe for both river anchorage and ‘beyond the breakers’ anchorage. These situations can go south really quickly with a stuck anchor. We have been using a small zip tie for that same purpose for years and it has save us! We were in my canoe & anchored 100 yrds below a spillway when they did an unexpected/unannounced water release. That sudden extra current moved us fast & stuck our anchor on a rock and the canoe was really starting pitch. We grabbed the anchor rope and gave it a good hard jerk and the cable tie popped and the anchor pulled free. I honestly believe we were in a situation that put us moments away from a potentially deadly outcome.
Thank you again for this IMPORTANT TIP!

Last edited 1 year ago by Neal Hagood


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