7 NEW LIMITED EDITION Salt Strong Fishing Shirts!!!

We’re SO EXCITED to introduce 7 NEW LIMITED EDITION Salt Strong Shirts!!!

These 100% cotton t-shirts are perfect for any occasion.

Get them while you can!

Watch the video below to check out every single new design!!

NEW LIMITED EDITION Salt Strong Fishing Shirts [VIDEO]

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Sizes range from Small to 3XL and 4XL on certain options.

Not only that, but more Salt Strong Hats are on the way with some unique and awesome new designs!

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Jeremiah Lilley
1 year ago

hi, are these shirts sized like the regular saltstrong logo on the chest (charcoal and green) shirts or the slam shirts (tan) that came out? i ordered both of those and both of the slam shirts we smaller at the same size and a felt like a shmedium when i put it on. the saltstrong logo shirts fit like normal. im wanting to order some of the new shirts but want to make sure they fit, i loved the slam design but ended up giving it to the wife

Carrol Bennett
1 year ago

Hey Jeremiah! The shirts are a fabric blend of 60% cotton & 40% polyester. These fit like the charcoal/green shirts and are the same exact style as those as well so the fit should be the same. Email us at fish@saltstrong.com if we can help with anything else. Thank you!

Alan Harris
1 year ago

It may have already been asked, but are there any plans to put these designs on some SPF shirts?

Carrol Bennett
1 year ago
Reply to  Alan Harris

We do not at this time but that is a great suggestion – thank you!

1 year ago

Would love the No Cats on Board! I fish from a Sea Eagle Packfish 7 inflatable. Years ago I caught a Sail Catfish and while trying to unhook realized one pectoral had gone through the side of the boat. Released the fish and I managed to get back to shore by throwing my leg over the side on the leak while rowing back. Catfish was fine, I was fine (but wiser), boat was repaired.

Marvin Monk
1 year ago
Reply to  Heidi

Good save on that one.. Gorilla Tape is excellent for a temporary fix on any type of kayak. I always carry some and keep it in an easy to reach spot. That tape sticks well to just about anything.

1 year ago
Reply to  Marvin Monk

Ooh yes, thanks! I might add a small amount to my little onboard kit.

Barbara Stuart
1 year ago

Great shirts but would like a V neck option also.

Edgar Floyd
1 year ago

Nice looking shirts.

Carrol Bennett
1 year ago
Reply to  Edgar Floyd

Thanks Edgar!

johnny sanchez
1 year ago

i need this!

David Cardenas
1 year ago

Nice very nice I’ll be placing an order for sure.

Mark H
1 year ago

I really liked the no bannas on board shirts, any chance of a comeback? Never mind I didnt see that you still have nix the comment!

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Hughey
Angelo Durso
1 year ago

just put my order in, you guys did a great job with these shirts! i don’t live in Florida but that emblem is outstanding!! would buy 4 South Carolina Salt Strong tees if you go the route of other individual states enjoy your week!

Marshall McLean
1 year ago

I just wish they had a pocket

William Stanton
1 year ago

Agreed pickets are the best


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