[NEW] Salt Strong Performance Hats (And Visors!!!)

We’ve now got LIMITED EDITION Salt Strong Performance Hats And Visors in the shop!

For the last few years, we’ve had a ton of requests for visors and they’re HERE!

Not only that, but we also have more hat options in all sorts of colors and prints.

Take a look!!

Salt Strong Performance Hats (And Visors!!!) [VIDEO]

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We’ve got TWELVE new hats and THREE limited edition visors!!

First come, first serve – get yours while you still can!!

Salt Strong Performance Hats

Visors – Limited Edition

Don’t miss out on these awesome new products!!

We are adding new stuff all the time to our tackle store.

If you haven’t already, come on down to Winter Haven and check out the new Fish Strong Tackle Store!

Oh, and be sure to get your Hats or Visors ordered – it is first come, first serve!!!

➡CLICK HERE To Go To The Hats Collection in the Shop!

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Thomas Utley
3 days ago

Definitely some awesome looking hats and I’ll go to the shop store and again check them out ….. I usually wear a big rimmed shad hat for the simple reason me and the sun doesn’t get along to good together when you have Agent Orange within your body ….. Price I paid for being in the Marine Corps in the jungles of Vietnam … But I’d do it all over again if I was able to … I do love my Flag My Country and it’s peoples ….. ! But getting back to those hats they are awesome and I am definitely going to take another look at them …… !

Bryce Baker
3 days ago

These are “CAPS” not hats. To bad some of us older guys need HAT protection for our big ears. Keep up the great work!

Zachary Meiling
3 days ago

No flat bills……….

Karl Henzen
3 days ago

Would love a fitted hat

David Fender
3 days ago

These look great but is there anyway we can get some low profile performance hats?

Keith Carper
3 days ago

I need a new visor…. I’ll tie some bobbers to it….

Carrol Bennett
3 days ago
Reply to  Keith Carper

They are Richardson and look amazing!

Michael Cooper
3 days ago

They look awesome 😎

Steve Weyl
3 days ago

Joe – I have a couple of the floating hats and they have proven to actually float in Tampa Bay numerous times. Are any of those floatable?

3 days ago
Reply to  Steve Weyl

Hey Steve, that is exactly what I wanted to ask Joe, and if they are not floaters, could you come out with a line in that blackout camo?

Steve Weyl
3 days ago

Ha Roger. That would be my preference too!

Carrol Bennett
3 days ago
Reply to  Steve Weyl

These are not unsinkable hats but we do have those available here: https://fishstrong.com/search?q=unsinkable&Search=Search


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