This Lure Tweak To “The Nub” Saved The Day [Fishing Report]


This report shows what can happen when following a good game plan and being creative in tweaking a lure to fit the conditions.

In this case, there were some snook that were feeding aggressively on very small baitfish while they mostly ignored anything bigger than 3 inches.

So instead of having to dig through the tackle box in hopes of finding small baitfish imitation lure, I simply pulled off the tail of a Slam Shady 2.0 lure to now have a 2.5″ profile that we call the “nub lure”.

And not only was it catching the snook that I was seeing, it also caught some trout and even sight fished two upper slot redfish.

Lure Tweak Slam Success

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Equipment Used

Here’s a list of the equipment that I was using on this trip:


This is another example of the fact that getting comfortable with a very small set of lures can pay big dividends when exploring new waters.

Had I been in that situation years ago in which I was seeing fish feeding on everything but my lure, I would have wasted valuable time digging through tackle options and switching lures.

Instead, I simply pulled the tail off of the Slam Shady 2.0 so that I could better mimic the small baitfish that the predators were keyed in on.

The strategies involved in selecting this location that allowed for this much fish catching activity to take place in a brief morning trip are described in detail in this Insider Report Trip Dissection lesson. In it, you’ll see exactly what spots were holding the most fish as well as the type of spots near you to look for to get into some fun fishing.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Tight Lines!

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Chuck Harrison
11 months ago

I was out fishing Friday (in Virginia), and caught a chunky 19 inch speck on a Slam Shady nub. It was the only nice fish of the day. My fishing buddy loves using nubs for red fish, and has caught several in the slot.

1 year ago

Great fishing video!! Nice fish all around – great tip for the use of the 2.0 nub

Ronald w grant
1 year ago

Shipping was very slow, but worth the wait. Great shades !!!!

Steven Free
1 year ago

Yea small lures to pay great dividends on some occasions in fact in the last few years now mostly when fishing docks at night I now have a couple ultra light rods rigged now because I have found under docks the British and shrimp that the trout and sometimes reds feed on are somewhat smaller so I’m always ready with something small and lightweight the new chasebaits flick prawn in the 2 inch size is perfect for this kind of fishing and have caught some nice fish with it so far I also have some smaller jigs and small plugs made from yo-zuri that works great under docks as well

Steven Free
1 year ago
Reply to  Steven Free

Again this stupid phone not British don’t know where that came from sometimes I wonder why they call these smart phones anyways it’s baitfish

Himanshu Sharma
1 year ago

Hey Luke, great report. Do you prefer fins on or off on the L2 when fishing more tactical?

Gregg McCumber
1 year ago

What kind of paddleboard were you on? Looked like a nice stable board?

Matthew Lanier
1 year ago

Looks like a super fun day on the SUP Luke! Way to get after those snook and get the slam!!

Mario Relvini
1 year ago

Great video Luke! Those reds were fun.

Mario Relvini
1 year ago
Reply to  Mario Relvini

Do you do a straight retrieve with the nub or twitch it?

Rollie Cabrera
1 year ago

Where were you in Tampa Bay. I want to get started, but mu toughest challenge is where to go. Thank you

Bob Hartwein
1 year ago

WOW!! Great Video! Felt like I was fishing right along side of ya Luke! I still have SS 1.0 , Think they work as well as the 2.0? Keep the clips coming!


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