How To Quickly Know Which MirrOlure Is Perfect For Every Situation

Want to know the quickest way to pick the perfect MirrOLure for any depth? Then check out Capt. CA Richardson explain how he does it in this latest Insider video.
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How To Find Inshore Fish In Murky Water Creeks & Bays (Spot Dissection)

Want to know a couple cool tricks to finding feeding fish in murky water using satellite maps? Then check out this new Insider video.
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How To Catch Redfish Using A Topwater Duck! [VIDEO]

Yep. Not a typo. This is how to use a topwater DUCK to catch redfish. Just when you think you've tried every lure out there, something like a duck comes along...
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Weekend Forecast Spot Dissection [Feb 24th Weather, Tides & Recent Trends]

This report will show you a solid gameplan to use if you’ll be fishing this weekend based on the recent trends we’ve been seeing out on the water lately. It will walk you through the thought process of how to apply the recent trends from the Insider Reports to an area near you.
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Creating Coral Reefs With 3D Printers! Is This The Answer To Saving Coral Reefs?

Coral reefs are dying at an alarming rate around the globe... and one solution is using technology such as 3D printers to replicate coral reefs and place them in the water.
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Calm Day On The Flats Incoming Tide In A Bay Boat [Nice Trout & Snook]

I had the pleasure of fishing with Matt Davis this past Sunday. We fished from his 22ft Pathfinder bay boat and had a lot of action. Here are the details of this trip to some new areas neither of us had ever been to before.
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How To Find Big Schools Of Fish On A Depth Finder

Want to discover a cool trick to finding big schools of fish in channels, cuts, and even canals? Then check out this fish finder trick Capt. Peter Deek's uses.
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G Loomis E6X Inshore Rod Review [On-The-Water Performance]

This article will show you an independent review of the G Loomis E6X Inshore spinning rod based purely on the on-the-water performance after months of quality time on the water with it [Pros & Cons... 100% Independent Review]
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Here Are The Best Lures For Catching Redfish In Cooler Weather

Want to know the best lures (both hard and soft baits) to use when targeting redfish in the cooler months? Then check out this new video from Capt. CA Richardson
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How to Tie the Orvis Knot [Including Strength Test Results]

The Orvis knot won our most recent fishing knot contest for connecting a leader to a hook, swivel, or lure... this video shows the details you need.
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Insider Trend Report – Fishing in Dense Fog

On this trip it turned out to be a super foggy morning as I was targeting some sandbars and flats. The bite was very slow and started to gradually pick up as the sun started burning off the fog later in the morning and into the afternoon. I managed to get a decent red and some trout. Check out the full report!
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New Hidden Lake Exploration Trip Targeting Snook, Trout, and Redfish

I had a very fun exploration trip where I went WAY off the beaten path to check out a hidden lake that I have wanted to fish for a long time. It is a long paddle from the nearest launch, and I finally had an open day to give it a shot.
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Weekend Forecast Spot Dissection [Feb 17th Weather, Tides & Recent Trends]

This report will show you a solid gameplan to use if you'll be fishing this weekend. It is based on the recent trends we've been seeing out on the water lately including alterations to make with the changing weather & tides.
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How To Quit Your Job And Start Your Own Fishing Company (VIDEO PODCAST)

Ever dreamed of quitting your job, walking away from having a boss, and starting your own company? Then you've got to hear these candid and helpful tips on how to do it.
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Wade Fishing 101: How To Maximize Your Time & Strikes While Wading

Want to hear tips from a hard-core wade fisherman who has spent almost 40 years wading the flats? Then check out all of these great tips and shortcuts from "Wader Dave."
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