Weekly Insider Giveaway Winner: Gregory Tomlin

It's time for the Weekly Insider Raffle Giveaway! This week our winner is Gregory Tomlin who won some awesome Salt Strong prizes...
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Travel Spinning Rod Review: Daiwa Ardito TR Rod

Do you travel a lot and miss out on fishing? Why not bring along your very own travel spinning rod?! The Daiwa Ardito TR rod is great for...
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Exploration Trip To Palmetto: Redfish, Seatrout, Snook, And Crazy Dog

Fishing in new waters can be fun and exciting! There are challenges you may face as well. The keys to fishing new spots are...
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Palmetto Trip Report: Pre-Trip & Post Trip Analysis [Spot Dissection]

See the pre-trip plan & post trip analysis from the trip to Palmetto so that you can see the exact types of spots were holding the most fish.
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Low Tide Spots Around Grass Flats and Marshes [Spot Dissection]

In this Spot Dissection we will be showing ideal spots to choose in low tide scenarios around grass flats and also coastal marshes. Keep in...
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The Truth About Inshore Spinning Reel Sizes (Are They All The Same?)

Are all spinning reel sizes the same size? If they are the same model, aren't they the same size? The truth is...
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Early Fall Flats Trends for Redfish and Trout [Insider Report]

The fall transition is underway and we’re already starting to see hotspots on the flats change up! In this report, I decided to target a...
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You’ve Got To See This Flounder Walk On The Water!!

Have you ever seen or heard of a flounder skipping across the surface??? This is not something we planned on seeing when we went fishing...
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These Are The Best Lures To Catch Finicky Fish (Rigging & Retrieve)

Have you ever been fishing calm, clear conditions and wonder why you aren't catching more fish? The best lures to use for this scenario are...
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Tides Vs. No Tides: How to Pre-Plan Around Tidal Flow

Do you fish in areas with huge tidal swings or areas with little to no tide shift at all? If so, it is vital to pre-plan your trips because...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [October 8th – 10th]

This lesson shows the tactics for catching inshore saltwater fish (quality & quantity focus) this weekend based on the latest feeding trends.
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Mike Kucich

It's time for the Strong Angler of the Week! This week we're talking to Mike Kucich who went out in the early morning with his buddy Jody...
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Amazing Strike From 100+ lb Fish In Just 1 Ft of Water!

Do you want to see the wildest ending to a shock giant tarpon strike in less than 2 feet of water? Become an Insider member to access...
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Topwater Power Fishing (And Why We Quit For This)

Want to know the secret to covering ground in the early morning and catching big fish on topwater lures? The key is power fishing which is...
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Salt Strong Insiders Meetup In Florida’s Panhandle

Are you ready for a meet-up with fellow Salt Strong members!? Calling all Insiders along Florida’s panhandle! It’s been a long time since we’ve all...
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