Patrick Rhea (LivitFilms) Interview

By: Joseph Simonds on March 20, 2015
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You might not know the name Patrick Rhea yet…but you certainly will…

He is creating some of the most epic saltwater fishing videos out there, and taking the capturing of amazing saltwater fishing experiences to a whole new level.

We published one of his many amazing videos a week ago, and our audience loved it (you can see it here).

We were also lucky enough to have Patrick’s uncle make a cameo, make us all laugh, and really gave us a two for one interview.

And his uncle’s input during the quiz and his recommendation that we get a “Salt Strong Sherpa” are worth watching all the way through.

Note: We will be looking into a Salt Strong Sherpa now due to his uncle’s convincing recommendation.

Overall, amazing interview with a real solid dude putting out some of the best saltwater videos out there.

Keep up the great work Patrick!

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