Penn Authority Overview (Best Saltwater Reel At iCast 2022)


I got the chance to meet up with Capt. Jot Owens at iCast 2022 to dive deeper into the new Penn Authority Spinning Reel!

This is a new reel in Penn’s lineup and is almost a step above the Slammer IV.

Not to mention it won Best Saltwater Reel this year at iCast!!

Check out more in the video below!

Penn Authority Overview [VIDEO]

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Penn decided to take it up a notch and design an IPX8 fully-sealed top-shelf spinning reel.

In technical terms, the Penn Authority can actually be submerged in water at a meter deep for 30 minutes or less and still function as normal.

This reel can take on the occasional dunk and big splashes or spray.

Penn Authority Details

There is a 13-bearing system within the reel crafted with stainless steel gears.

This reel also has a fully-supported pinion coming off of the spool with two bearings to keep the gears in place.

This is all in an effort to increase the longevity of the reel so it stays smoother, tighter, and together for a long time.

With all of these upgraded details combined with full seals, this is a workhorse of a spinning reel.

There was a point in time in the industry a few years back when fully-sealed reels meant you had to compromise smoothness.

So then the question becomes, “Can you hold and fish this reel all day long?”

Yes, you can but because it is sealed extremely well with higher-grade materials, there is some weight to the reel.

Which is to be expected of a reel with so many bearings and seals scattered within.

Solid materials don’t stand much of a chance of penetrating the reel’s inner gears and with IPX8 sealing, it is well sealed to prevent water contamination as well.

Double-ball bearing support on the pinion offers rigidity to prevent any jostling or wiggling in the alignment of the gears.

This is working in tandem with arguably the highest-grade gearing material that you can use on the market today.

High-Speed Models & Reel Sizes

The Penn Authority is available from a 2500-size all the way up to 10500.

Additionally, Penn created high-speed models of this reel in 2500, 4500, 6500, and 8500-size reels.

The high-speed 2500 reel has a 7:1 gear ratio which is super fast for a reel of that size.

Moreover, the Authority also features Penn’s Dura-Drag.

The drag systems with Dura-Drag stay smooth and don’t wear out or freeze up.

All of the sizes, except for 2500, come with both a Hypalon handle and the metal handle for you to choose from.

Stainless Steel Gears

It is an incredible feat to mass produce stainless steel gears which is why it is not done often if at all.

The machines used to craft these gears get beat up and dulled in the process.

It is not industry-standard because it is not cheap to do.


These reels retail in price from $499 to $599.

With the 2500 starting at $499 working its way up in price and size from there.

Capt. Jot Owens believes this is a phenomenal spinning reel in the under $1000 range.

These reels feel like thousand-dollar products that come in a few hundred dollars short of that mark.


penn authority reel review

This is a kick-it-around reel with a lot of sealing and refinement.

If you want to invest in a product that will last you a long time, then you might want to look further into the Penn Authority.

Do you have any more questions about the Penn Authority Overview?

Let us know what you think of this reel down in the comments!!

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Chris Harrison
4 months ago


What’s your thoughts on the 6500HS version Vs the 6000 twin power from Shimano? Would be using as a bit of a all rounder out on the reef paired with Nomad Amonite PE3

Luke Simonds
4 months ago
Reply to  Chris Harrison

Both reels are high quality. The Twin Power is a step up in terms of performance and price, but it seems as if they are both priced properly so either can be a good choice.

Mike Neville
4 months ago

I recently bought a 4509 Authority. I had it spooled with 30# braid. On the first cast I got w knot of line coming off the spool after about 10 yards of line. I cut it, retyped and same on the second cast. And the next 7 or 8. I ended up with about a half spool of line and gave up.. went back to the shop and had it spooled with a different brand of 30# braid. Took it out yesterday with the same results. It is currently on its way to Penn to be looked at. I have been using spinning reels for over 60 years and never had or heard of a problem like this. I took pictures of the “knots” in the line. I’m will be waiting to see what Penn comes up with.

Luke Simonds
4 months ago
Reply to  Mike Neville

Please keep us posted with what you find out from Penn.

9 months ago

Nice! — QUESTION — What exactly does 2500 or 3500 measure on a real. Please be specific. Is it a width? Is it a length? What does that number mean specifically.

1 year ago

are the big versions (8500 &1050) castable for surf?

Ebrahim Dien
11 months ago
Reply to  brian

We fish the 8500 slammer for most of our sharks off the shore. They ate definitely castable and pairs with the 15 foot Berkley Medusa and Eyelash Viper rods.

Dell Murray
1 year ago

Nice reel but way out of my price range. I have a Shimano Aero Stradic 4000 I purchased when they 1st came out. (Early 90’s I think) paid $99 then and I still use it. With proper maintenance on your reels and rods they can last a very long time.

Joe Thompson
1 year ago

The Name in reels for sixty years at least
Thank you for doing an assessment

John Kutzer
1 year ago

Does this mean it’s time to replace my Penn ‘greenies’?

Will be looking for these at

Bill Falconer
1 year ago

Will you guys be carrying these reels?

Thomas Manley
1 year ago
Reply to  Justin Ritchey

Hi Justin, I’m wondering about this reel and would like to give you my honest answer as to what I think. It is bullet proof for sure and beautiful. It is heavy and may not be a reel I won’t to throw all day for sure. With light tackle I can’t see using my dollars or time for a reel that is going to wear me out. Also, it is beautiful (again). Maybe, too pretty to use and/or to take it out of the house at $500 to $600 for size 2500 reel. Now, if I was a tournament pro, then yes, because they would be giving me one to use. 🙂 I can’t see Luke honestly trying to sell this reel in a video when he is a person that represents a down to earth person with a love for the sport. I don’t think I would stock any except maybe two….they would be given to Luke and Joe to enjoy! 🙂

Ronald Brunsvold
1 year ago

The weight will be a deterrent for many, including myself. I am impresses by the features though.

Franklin Valencia
1 year ago

Well made reel…especially making a stainless steel Gear and pinion! The IPX8 rating is amazing! Yeah gotta agree with Chistopher on his comment…way overkill for inshore fishing! Heck my Penn Pursuit III and Fierce II and III reels have been splashed and dunked in saltwater several times. I took them apart, washed and re greased them, and still works great. At that price point and weight…is it worth it for inshore? Nah! The most I go is the Spinfisher VI and does good enough!

Last edited 1 year ago by Franklin Valencia


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