Plano 3600 “Softsider X” Tackle Box Independent Review

By: Joseph Simonds on February 9, 2015
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This is the Plano 3600 Softsider X Tackle Box Review (100% Independent)

Are you looking for a solid fishing tackle box that:

  • Can carry all of your fishing gear without taking up too much room
  • Looks good
  • Is durable
  • Won’t get your gear wet from being on the bottom of your wet boat deck
  • And doesn’t cost so much that it leaves you no money left to buy more tackle…

If so, this Plano 3600 Softsider X Tackle Box is a pretty solid deal.

The Pros and Cons of the Plano 3600 Softsider X Tackle Box

Pros of the Plano 3600 Softsider X

  • Comes standard with 5 plastic utilities (trays) Note: we have seen that Plano changes this from 5 to 4 in certain instances
  • It feels soft, yet sturdy enough to be impact resistant
  • Waterproof Base (rubber bottom to keep your gear dry)
  • 4 external zip pockets
  • Tool holder for pliers
  • Strap to carry on your shoulder
  • All zippers seem pretty strong
  • Mesh net on the back side
  • Great storage for the size (especially for inshore saltwater angler and artificial only anglers)

Cons of the Plano 3600 Softsider X

  • It does have zippers, and no matter what any manufacturer says, Saltwater will eventually corrode and bring some rust to any zipper over time (especially if you are a weekend warrior and have any long spurts of non-use)
  • No place to hold your sunglasses (like some of the newer tackle boxes have)
  • Not 100% waterproof (except for the base). So with enough rain or salt water spray, you will see moisture inside this tackle box (but note that it takes a significant amount of water).
  • Probably not the best tackle box for serious offshore saltwater anglers that have tons of huge lures, huge hooks, etc.

plano 3600 softsider x tackle box review


Overall, this Plano 3600 Softsider is an excellent tackle box for both fresh water and salt water anglers. It has tons of storage for its size, it is soft yet durable, it doesn’t take up much room on the boat, yet contains pretty much everything you would need for a day of fishing.

To buy the Plano 3600 Softsider X Tackle Box at the lowest price on Amazon, click here.

Note: We were NOT paid or compensated in any way, shape, or form by Plano to do this Plano 3600 Softsider X Tackle Box review. This is a 100% Independent review by Salt Strong.


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Great review. I might have to check that out.