Plano Waterproof Stowaway Tackle Box Review & Hacks


Many people have asked what tackle box I like to use to keep my tackle dry and organized when out on the water.

The Plano Stowaway Utility Boxes are my go-to tackle boxes because they’re versatile and very waterproof!

So in this video, you’ll see how I use the different sizes and some tips on how to take care of your tackle box.

Check it out below!

Plano Waterproof Stowaway Review [VIDEO]

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The best thing about these tackle boxes is that they don’t let water in.

But keep in mind that they also do not let water out!

It’s inevitable that you’ll get caught in a rainstorm or maybe drop your box into the water.

That’s why I inspect my tackle box after every fishing trip.

If you grab some silica packs or rice kernels and put them inside of the box, it will help soak up any moisture that may have made its way inside of the box.

Also, if you find that water is seeping in, it may be the seal.

Inspect your gasket as it may be pinched or dirty and I recommend cleaning out the entire box completely every now and again.

If you do see any rust, make sure you get as much of it out of the box because rust does spread and you don’t want to rust out all of your tackle.

Overall these tackle boxes are tough, very waterproof, and can be adjusted to fit your tackle needs on the water!

You can get the Plano Stowaway Utility Tackle Box in our shop here.

Have you used these tackle boxes yet?

Let me know down in the comments.

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Steven Free
1 year ago

I don’t use Plano boxes very much but I do love the zrust boxes made by flambeau and I some of my other boxes I have found if you insert a silicon packet in the compartment the kind found in pill bottles when you get a prescription this removes moisture as well keeping any hooks from rusting

1 year ago

I use the smaller boxes and love them. I use them in my kayak. I’m worried that if the box tipped over for some reason that I would lose everything at once and end my trip. So I divide things up a bit. That’s just me though. I did get different colored boxes to aid in selection work helps.

Luis Arana
1 year ago

I’ve used blackboard chalk in my boxes to help control the moisture and prevent rust. Very old school but it has helped keep rust at bay

1 year ago
Reply to  Luis Arana

I do that in my toolbox

1 year ago

I use these boxes and think they are great. They do seal saltwater in and I learned my lesson. I now keep my lures or jigs out of the boxes when they where used. I wash these when I return home and let them dry and then return them to the tackle box.No more rust!

gus bean
1 year ago

great boxes I use 3600

Richard Fiorentino
1 year ago

Have you tried the Plano Edge boxes with rust inhibitors? If not, could you test them? Thanks

Lyle Crafton
1 year ago

Rust away works for removing rust stains.

Neal H.
1 year ago

Oh, By the Way…
I thought someone there must have gotten into my shop and took a picture of my grandfather’s 1950s tackle box, It really looks just like that! 😉
Rusty, beat-up (Patina!), but I love It, & will never get rid of it!
Tight Lines Y’All!

Neal H.
1 year ago

Nice presentation Tony! Thank you!
I woud like to address the silica dessicant packets discussed. Those silica beads will saturate with moisture, sooner or later, depending on the ambient moisture, . They will quit soaking up excess moisture. They can also release moisture, if sealed in with drier air, to reach an equilibrium.
The work-around for this is to dry the packets out in an oven (the problem here is the porous paper packet can’t take the heat). So, I use a small metal tin, like altoids tins or smaller, depending on the volume being dried, and poke multiple holes throughout the can and empty the packets into the tin. Place the tin(s) In a 325* oven for 2.5 hrs (I will do many tins simutainiously to make better use of the hot oven.). Let cool in the oven. When cool, put them into ziplocks, until ready to use. They are dried out and ready to soak up that moist air! I will usually put a small piece of tape on the lid to make sure it doesn’t pop open, and dump the beads. Experience is a solid teacher!
Salt Strong,Thanks for providing a platform that allows members to share info, even my nerdy details like this!

Bill Godwin
1 year ago

Indeed, these are great boxes at a great price from Salt Strong.

However, I keep my plastics, especially TPEs, in the original packaging.

I keep my Z Man and similar packaged plastics in a Plano Worm Stowaway 3700.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bill Godwin


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