How To Keep Your Lure From Getting Snagged In The Trees

By: Tony Acevedo on June 24, 2020
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stop getting lure snagged in trees

They say that lures are attracted to trees, and trees are attracted to lures…

No matter how skilled you are, you’re going to accidentally toss your lure into the trees now and then if you’re doing it right.

This is because fish are usually holding right near, or even under trees, so getting snagged is just a price you have to pay every now and then!

However, there are some things that you can do to make your snags less severe and less frequent.

In this video, I’m going to show you three tips to do that.

If you follow these tips, you’ll lose fewer lures and make fewer trips to the mangroves to untangle your lure.

Doing this will help you keep a lure in the water longer, and therefore help you catch more fish.

Check it the tips in the video below.

3 Tips To Get Snagged Less [VIDEO]

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Here’s how to get your lure snagged in trees less (or at least, keep the snags less severe):

Tip #1: Don’t try to yank your lure out.

Your first reaction will probably be to pull on the lure as hard as you can to pop it out.

Usually, that’s the worst thing you can and will just dig the hook deep into the tree, or wrap your line around the tree even tighter.

Instead, gently pull your lure out.

Tip #2: If you see your lure heading into the trees, just let it go.

If your lure is right about to get into the trees and you close your bail, that will put a lot of tension on the line and have a similar effect to you trying to yank it out.

Instead, let it go into the trees and then gently pull it out.

Tip #3: Don’t throuw your lure into the trees in the first place!

I know — easier said than done, but here’s a tip for doing that:

When you’re casting close to the trees, use your fingers to feather your line out as you’re casting.

This way, you can slowly stop it before it gets to the trees, as opposed to abruptly stopping it after it’s too late.


speckled trout on owner twistlock hook

Since most fish are holding in close to the trees, you’re going to toss your lure in there every now and then.

However, with the tips above, you can get snagged less and help your snags be not so bad.

Have any questions about not getting your lure stuck in trees?

Or any other tips for making sure your lure doesn’t get snagged?

Let us know in the comments below!

And please TAG or SHARE this with your fishing buddy who always catches trees!

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Gary Rankel
9 days ago

Good tips, Tony……….hopefully they’ll reduce the number of mangrove snappers (the terrestrial kind) I hook into this summer.

Dan Inns
9 days ago

A few years ago on TV I saw Jose Wajebe with a “swing the lure” in the tree trick.

Check it out: honoring the fishing legend

Christian Hurston
10 days ago

Awesome tips Tony! I’ve been working on skipping up under mangroves. It feels so good when I make a good cast. It is definitely an art!