Pro-Cure Review: When & How To Use It, And What Species To Use It For


Do you use Pro-Cure?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about it recently, such as:

  • Does it work?
  • When should you use it? (And when should you not?)
  • What species does it work best for?
  • What lures do you use it with?

Since so many people have been asking about it, I decided to do some on-the-water testing with it.

Like all products, there were some pros (I caught lots of fish) and some cons (I caught some fish that I didn’t want to catch!), and in this video, I’ll share with you whether or not I would recommend Pro-Cure.

Check it out below.

P.S. We’re not sponsored by Pro-Cure and we don’t accept any sponsorships from tackle companies so that we can give you completely unbiased reviews.

Pro-Cure Review [VIDEO]

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Pro-Cure is a sticky gel that’s made with bits of baitfish and crustaceans.

It has a strong scent and is designed to attract fish to your lure and get more strikes.

Now first, here’s the good news about Pro-Cure: it works!

I caught some nice redfish and flounder with it on my last trip, and I believe the Pro-Cure helped.

Now here’s the bad news: sometimes it works too well!

I caught several pinfish, a lizardfish, and I even caught a stingray while using it.

Now let’s talk about when to use Pro-Cure, and what species it works best for…

When To Use Pro-Cure

Pro-Cure is best for putting on soft plastic lures, especially if you’re fishing in dirty water where visibility is low.

Although they say it can also be used on hard plastics, like topwater lures, I’ve found that it doesn’t stick very well to these lures, plus when you’re using them, it’s all about sight and vibration, not smell.

And speaking of smell, Pro-Cure works best when you’re targeting fish that rely heavily on smell to find food.

Flounder and redfish are two species that really rely on smell, so Pro-Cure can help when you’re targeting them.

However, species like snook and trout rely on sight more than they do smell, so Pro-Cure might not be as effective for them.


how to catch flounder in summer

If you’re targeting fish that rely heavily on scent, such as flounder or redfish, or if the water is dirty, then Pro-Cure might be helpful to catch more fish.

However, if you’re targeting fish that rely more on sight, like trout or snook, then you might not need Pro-Cure.

On this trip, I was having success with redfish on Pro-Cure’s Mogan Series Redfish, and I was catching the flounder with the Flounder Pounder scent.

Have any questions about Pro-Cure?

Do you use it?

Let me know in the comments below!

Now, of course, it’s important to keep in mind that adding some scent to your lures won’t magically help you catch more fish.

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J M Giesen
3 years ago

Hey Luke,
Im getting ready for a fishing triip to Venice, LA vicinity targeting trout , reds, and flounder, and was thinking if I needed to take some extra Pro Cure. Now After seeing this video, it looks like Pro Cure and the like are no big deal.

  1. .Have you done any follow up research on water on that?

But I also recently heard your podcast on Underwater Fish Scents that repel and attract fish. The fish scent research seems to say that scents can make a big difference. It looks like pro cure or similar stuff should have made more difference in your onwater test. Also, arent the slam shadys and z man shadys packed in some kind of scent.
At least, the scents like pro cure would be good insurance to get rid of human skin oil scent or other detracting scents that might be on your line and lure.

  1. What do you think _now_ about using pro cure or other scents for artificial lures?

Here’s a story for you.
I recently went off shore bottom fishing with my neighbor. Typically when we hit a spot and dropped our lines, I would catch fish quickly, and larger fish. His were smaller and less frequent. Toward the end of your trip, he asked if he could fish on my side of the boat!! like that was going to make a difference out in the vast ocean. I thought it was kind of crazy.
He was a smoker and took a couple of smoking breaks while we were fishing. When I heard the podcast on Underwater Fish Scents, it dawned on me that the smoking scent on his hands and equipment might be the reason he wasn’t catching fish like I was=== not the side of the boat.
2 What do you think?
Thanks for any thoughts.

Rick Casuso
3 years ago

Great post. I will be trying these products.

Don Myers
3 years ago

I have found that when on a school of trout and they seem to turn off to the soft plastic I am using adding pro cure can get them biting again.

3 years ago

The shrimp scent works on Trout when they are slow to bite. I also use it on sabiki rigs with good success if the pinfish are being stubborn . Have to be careful because the bigger fish will tear up the sabiki if they’re around.

Steven Free
3 years ago

Like you Wyatt here in northeast fl the water like in your north Carolina is quite murky so scent helps a lot and even though I use it mostly on soft plastics I use it on all my lures hard topwater as well and although you are correct in that seateout do use there sence of sight more then smell I have found that the procure does attract them and although it doesn’t stay on hard baits as good as soft plastics it still adds scent and you also have to remember confidence always makes a better angler because without confidence in what your using your probably not going to do it or use it right????

A. Rollins
3 years ago
Reply to  Steven Free

I’ve found when the fish are picky or in slow fishing (Mainly in cold water.) conditions, scent helps fish to commit to the bite.

Ferdinand Alsina
3 years ago

I love procure. Great video

Gary Rankel
3 years ago

Great tips, Wyatt – never could see greasing up my hard plastics with this stuff.


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