This Is The Reel Deal (Get All Of Our NEW Not Yet Released Lures FREE)


Want to get your hands on our NEW but not yet released lures?

You’ll be the first people in the world to use these lures:

  • F.R.E.D. (Fooling Redfish Every Day)
  • Gold Digger
  • Z-Man Slam Shady Shrimp

And you’ll get them for FREE!

With the purchase of any reel on our site, you’ll get the Pa-POWer Pack Lure Bundle at no cost.

This offer is good starting today through July 12th at midnight.

Check this out to learn more:

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As an Insider, you’re going to get your hands on F.R.E.D., Gold Digger, and the Z-Man Slam Shady Shrimp lures before anyone else.

Buy any reel (with your 20% discount) and get all 3 packs free.

And this deal is unlimited.

So, buy 10 reels and you’ll get 30 free packs of our new lures!!

But don’t forget, this offer is only good starting today through July 12th at midnight.

Leave us a comment below if you have any questions.

Tight Lines!

➡ Click here to get your Reel-A-Palooza Bundle [Insiders Only]

➡ Click here to join the Insider Club [and get access to this deal, plus 20% off]

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Dylan Brant
4 months ago

I added a reel to my cart but the 3 lures didn’t show up. Also it won’t give me the discount even though I’m a member

Last edited 4 months ago by Carrol Bennett
4 months ago
Reply to  Dylan Brant

Hey Dylan, what you’re describing is due to not being logged in to your account. Please double check that you are logged in to your account (there should be a Login link at the top of the page when you’re not logged in).

Jonathon Hedrick
4 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Hello Luke I have signed in multiple times and it shows I am signed in however just as Dylan brant said it will not show the bundle or the 20% at checkout please help I have been trying to purchase a reel for 3 days now but I never see the 20% discount. I will purchase right now if I can get my discount and the bundle to show. Also I order lures under my account a couple days ago and did not get the 20% off any ideas? I must be doing something wrong.

Dylan Brant
4 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

I was signed in. Someone contacted me and let me know that the site was messed up but they fixed it. Thanks

Brian Cadena
4 months ago

Will Fred and or gold digger have slots for the rattles? Just bought a ballistic 2 weeks ago so gotta wait till they come out later.

4 months ago
Reply to  Brian Cadena

Those two lures do not have rattle slots built in. But the Battle Rattles were designed to easily get inserted into soft plastics like these with ease even if they don’t have rattle cavities in them.

bill trask
4 months ago

Slammer III is out of stock or I would have jumped (even before the offer)

Miyuki Dauth
4 months ago

I want to get these, but you are out of all the reels I want to purchase.

Jeffrey Minchew
4 months ago

Dang! I should have held off on my Ballistic order.

Arturo Lozano
4 months ago

Awesome just ordered me the Ballistic had a Shimano reel that I had since 2013 on my Stealth Sniper rod and let just say it was about time I replaced it lol

Mason Bennett
4 months ago

I am in the market for a new reel but unfortunately y’all are out of Penns, literally every model and size lol. I am glad people are taking advantage of the tackle shop.

Jesse Laspeyre
4 months ago

Before I joined I seen you guys offered Shimano Reels. Now that I’m a member I noticed there isn’t any Shimano reels in the tackle store. Just curious if that was from the limited supply or if you are not going to be offering them in the store anymore? Hope that’s not the case because I was really hoping you’d have the new Stradic and the replacement for the ci4, the Vanford. Hope to hear from you and already I’m loving being a VIP Member!

Mark Johnson
4 months ago

I understand that these lures will be available sometime this month. Salt Strong may be putting a limit on the number that we can order, like has been done in the past.. So my there any way you can at least add these to the lure page as out of stock? This way we can sign up for the “notify me when available”. Just a thought…

Tripp Watters
4 months ago

Welp, looks like I’ll be rod shopping now, cause I just ordered another reel. All I needed was and excuse to try that BGMQ and this was it!


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