This Could Be The Most Revolutionary Device Ever Invented For Our Oceans [VIDEO]

By: Joseph Simonds on December 24, 2015
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the seabin project

When Salt Strong fan Stephanie Ramey sent me over this video about a new ocean conservation device called “Seabin”, I was very intrigued…

And after watching the video yesterday (the day before Christmas Eve), I knew that I had to post this as soon as possible!

However, I had also promised my wife that I would take two days off of the computer for Christmas and Christmas Eve, and yesterday got away from me hanging out and catching up with the 18 family members that are all here at my wife’s family farmhouse in Georgia…

So what did I do?

I showed the video to my wife this morning because I knew she would grant a one-time exception for a story like this that needs to be shared…

Hence you are now seeing it on Christmas Eve!

“The Seabin Project”

seabin project

Here is the brief story:

Two ocean loving dudes from Australia have risked everything to introduce to the world what could be one of smallest (yet most powerful) ocean cleaning devices in the world.

This little contraption called the “Seabin” could be placed in every single marina in the world!

Not to mention, it could be placed at private docks, ports, yacht clubs, etc.

The best part is that it work 24/7 around the clock, it requires little maintenance, and it is pretty unobtrusive and small.

And it will collect everything from plastics, to trash, and even oil!

Here is how it work:

seabin project

Pretty freaking cool!

Just imagine how much cleaner our marinas would be with a couple of these Seabins sucking up trash around the clock!

How You Can Support Seabin [VIDEO]

The Seabin duo currently has a Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with just 7 days left! (click here to see it and to contribute)

They are trying to raise $230,000 and they currently have raised over $138,000 for this amazing invention.

Click here to see their campaign and to contribute, and don’t forget to check out the inspiring video below.

To read more about the Seabin story and the company, check out their main website here.

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How much plant material gets pulled into your skimmer? Seem like it would need to be emptied often. You would have to go through the contents and put back thing that aren’t trash. If you installed this in a location where trash normally collects I think it may work well.