Soft Science Fin 2.0 Fishing Shoe & Fin Wading Boot [REVIEW]


Have you come across these fishing shoes and boots from Soft Science yet?

They claim to be the most comfortable shoes for fishermen, so I had to put them to the test to see just how comfortable they are…

Who’s Soft Science?

If you haven’t heard of them yet, Soft Science is an active footwear company specializing in making quality, comfortable shoes targeted at fishermen and boaters.

They’ve got a pretty good lineup of fishing shoes known as their “Fin series.”

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been testing out two of their models to the test: The Fin 2.0 Boat Shoe as well as the Fin boot.

Note: We were not paid by Soft Science to review or promote their products.

The Fin 2.0

soft science fishing shoes

If you are an angler who has been searching for a great shoe to wear out on the water, this could be a great boat shoe for you. 

Here are the PROS of the Fin 2.0:

  • Comfort
    • It really is one of the most comfortable shoes that I own.
  • Self-Draining System
    • This shoe drains very well. While you probably won’t be wading in this boot, if you happen to get wet, it will drain like a charm.
  • Breathable
    • Having your sweaty, wet feet shoved into a non-breathable shoe all day is never fun. Luckily, these shoes breath very well and dry out quickly.
  • Removable insole
    • The insole comes out so it can be washed easily or can be replaced with custom insoles.
  • Non-Marking
    • These shoes won’t scuff up the new skiff

CONS of the Fin 2.0:

  • Wide look
    • The only thing that I didn’t like about this fishing shoe was how wide it was. It kind of reminded me of Crocs (I’m personally not a fan of Crocs), and with my skinny ankles that I was born with, these shoes looked really wide. So you won’t see me wearing these around town but I do wear them out on the boat as they are incredibly comfortable.

Here’s a quick video review I did.

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The Fin Boot

soft science fin boot

Fin really has a winner on their hands with the Fin Boot.

It is a very well-built flats boot that will do the job when you’re stalking monster reds, snook, and trout out on the flats.

It’s definitely my go-to wading boot now.

Here are the PROS of the Fin Boot:

  • Self Draining System
    • These boots drain out exceptionally well which is great for wade fishing.  No more walks back to the car with soggy shoes!
  • Durable Neoprene
    • This neoprene is constructed extremely well and won’t rot out after use
  • Durable Zipper
    • One of the best zippers I have ever seen on a wading boot. It definitely holds up better than cheaper options.
  • Removable Insole
    • The insole comes out so it can be washed easily or can be replaced with custom insoles.
  • Non-Marking
    • These shoes won’t scuff up the boat which is nice
  • Slip-Resistant
    • A lot of time when I’m wade fishing, I’m walking around on some pretty treacherous terrain. These have great traction and don’t slip.
  • Comfortable
    • If I’m going to be walking around on the flats all day, I want something that’s comfortable. These boots feel pretty awesome on your feet.

CONS of the Fin Boot:

  • Price
    • These wading boots are 2 times more expensive than the normal neoprene wading boots I buy at BassPro for $45. On the other hand, those inexpensive boots never last that long (zipper always freezes up or rips after a while), and my old ones certainly don’t have the self-draining system or the comfort of these Soft Science wading boots.

Here’s a quick video review of the Fin boot that I put together.

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Overall, I’m digging these shoes (and boot) from Soft Science.

I’m not in love with the looks of the Fin 2.0 shoe, but the comfort level makes up for it.

On the other hand, the Fin wading boot looks tough, feels amazing, and is my new go-to wading boot.

I’m considering buying one of their men’s flip flops next (the Skiff).

To learn more about Soft Science and their fishing shoes and wading boots, click here to see their main website.

Any questions on these boots or shoes made by Soft Science?

Any other brands you want me to try out?

Let me know in the comments.

Tight Lines!

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Ken Goldenberg
4 years ago

Your comparison to Crocs is spot on. Why? Soft Science was started by one of the founders of Crocs along with another guy from Reebok. When I first saw their shoes while staying at a lake cabin by Mammoth Mountain (California) I emailed the company and they told me their history.
I do have a pair of their sneaker style and they are wide. I have wide feet so great for me!

Joseph Janutka
5 years ago

Joe–After reading your review, I sent for the shoes and boots. They fit well even with light socks on, and I was thinking a thin, fast-drying synthetic sock might be more comfortable over time. Also, the width of the shoes doesn’t bother me because it makes them very comfortable, even though they look like I could water ski with them (just kidding). Different strokes for different folks, right? Thanks for all of the great info you, Luke, Tony, and the Captains are providing. Joe

David Ulgenalp
6 years ago

Joe – bought a pair of the Soft Science wading booties and have used them half a dozen times. I can’t beleive how light they are and I love the cushioned heel and inner sole. I could probably handle a six mile walk in these. However, I do seem to get more shells and sand inside the boot than I’d like and think a tighter strap would eliminate that. I also find it more difficult to zip boots up and down with zipper on the outside of the boot than other booties with an inside zipper. That being said, zipper seems sturdy and likely to last. Jury is still out on whether or not I’d buy another pair over my prior favorite booties. Keep up the good work – Salt Strong is awesome!


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